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FAN CONTROL ISSUES: gtx760 with mk-26 & sp120 quiet edition pwm


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hey community,


i recently installed a prolimatech mk-26 on my gtx760. first i put some sp120 high performance edition fans (pwm) on it and everything worked just fine (really nice temps, automatic and manual control of the fan speed between 40 & 100%, and so on...), except the fact, that the performance edition fans where just to noisy. plus: even while benchmarking and pushing the card to its limits, the fans did not even need to speed up over 45% to keep the gpu below 50°C (always around 42 - 45°C).


so i decided to change the fans for two sp120 quiet edition (pwm! double checked!), which run super silent - but the card can't control them: they always run at 100% no matter what i try.


on the evga forums i was told, that this may be a problem caused by the way the video card regulates the fan speed: that there is a certain rpm number the card won't fall below. (that's why the faster performance edition worked just fine.)


has anyone of you a clue how to fix this? can i, for example, trick the speed signal? so the card reads "actual rpm x 2" or something like this?


thanks for your interest.

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hmm: guess the most elegant - and a "get what you wan't for free"-way, too - is to tweak the cards bios. i just liked to check here first, if there is any device i can put between fan and graphics card that can manipulate the tacho signal.
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