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Corsair Link Lighting Node/Software not working


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I am having trouble with my Corsair Link Software and Lighting Node. I bought both the lighting node and the cooling node. The cooling node is temporarily not in use because I am running a temporary air cooling set up and none of the fans are PWM. My computer won't detect Corsair Link correctly. When I had the software running, it would think I had a Corsair H100 plugged into the Commander. When I switched what USB header on the motherboard it was plugged into, it thought a Corsair H80 was plugged in. It would show the pump being at 0 RPM. Updating the Commander Firmware did not solve anything. I have upgraded my Corsair Link software to V2.6.5214 and now the software doesn't run. Every time I run it, it says Corsair Link has Stopped Working. I am currently using Windows 8.1 Pro. Earlier today, I had to install Windows 7 to test something, and when I installed and ran Corsair Link, it gave me a .NET error. Windows 7 is no longer on my system so I can't do anymore testing on it right now. One channel of my LEDs are stuck on yellow and the other channel is showing a very faint (barely lit up) purple. Unplugging the node from the commander and pressing the buttons do not change the colors.


Could I get some assistance with this? I love the concept of Corsair Link, but its just a little too buggy right now. I've had it previously working with the same configuration, it just suddenly stopped working.

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I just uninstalled 2.6, installed 2.4, then reinstalled 2.6.



2.4 runs but the light node wasn't being detected. Running 2.6 gave me a .NET error until I removed some entries from the Windows Task Scheduler. When it ran for the first time, Corsair Link recovered the Lighting Node Firmware. The lighting node then reset itself and both channels gave off a blue color. After like 7 restarts, Corsair Link now runs perfectly with the ability to change the LED colors.

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