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Sp2500: Speaker sensitivity values?


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What do you mean by sensitivity?


Sensitivity as in Speaker Sensitivity (SPL) in dB(1W/1M) from the guide below.



As we have already said, a less efficient speaker will create less noise, so the lower the dB level then the lower the sensitivity.


Speaker sensitivity specifications

Speaker sensitivity for home audio speakers can range from about 84 dB up to about 100 dB.


Therefore, 84 dB speakers are less efficient and require more power to get the same volume as more efficient 95 dB speakers.


Although the numbers don't appear to be very different, the logarithmic nature of decibels actually means that the difference is larger than it may appear.


Speaker sensitivity specifications

A 3 dB difference in speaker sensitivity can make quite a difference.


Changing your speakers from 87 dB efficiency to 90 dB will result in an increase in volume that is the equivalent of doubling the power from your amplifier (although that is not the same as being twice as loud, 10 dB is about twice as loud).


Do I Need M




Read more: http://www.the-home-cinema-guide.com/speaker-sensitivity.html#ixzz394ncBggx

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Hi, I don't think sensitivity in this case is really relevant for you. Unless of course you have another system in mind with the same 2.1 setup and similar RMS power figures. If so and you simply want the loudest of the 2 then it is good to have the speaker sensitivity for both, however I am not sure that figure is available for the sp2500.


Also, SPL (Sound pressure level, measured in Db (decibels)) figure at maximum volume isn't given so there is no definitive way to say this one is louder than that one unless you get a Db meter to it.


On a personal note and being a heavy car audio enthusiast I can tell you with a little bit of authority that the sp2500 is a really nice bit of kit for the money, you would struggle to find it's comparison for similar money and would almost definitely have to spend a good deal more to surpass it. Especially in the bass department, that big box is nicely tuned for some good low end bass.


Please do read this thread however to make sure you don't hit the somewhat flawed design of the DSP. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=98428

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