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Need to upgrade Force GT 5.03 to 5.05.


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I use Linux. Today I needed to upgrade 5.03 to 5.0.5


Since the Corsair Toolbox doenst run on Linux, I put the SSD into a Windows box.


First I booted it with BartPE, windows XP based, and that didnt work even though I could install Corsair Toolbox to a Bart-booted XP live.


What happened here is no drives showes up at all on BartPE.


Then I put the SSD into a Windows 2008, and installed the toolbox. This time the GUI works, the SSD showed up, the firmware upgrade started.


I tried 3 times -


1) Through RDP, hung the server, had to use reset button.


2) Through console, started update, but then "failed"


3) Through the console again, started update, but then locked the server again, had to reset.


Corsair needs to make a linux based live CD firmware updated and forget this windows junk as a lot of people use SSDs with Unix.


Feeling left out here, I guess I'll just live iwth 5.03, but knowing sandforce, ill probably need a firmware later. I really hope Corsair starts up a program to provide SSD firmwares in a better way.

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