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CL throttling down fans


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I have an issue with Corsair Link throttling down my fans now and then, especially when gaming in fullscreen. I have a AIO water cooling kit on my GPU, and when I'm gaming I usually hit about 70-75 degrees, but when my fans are turned down to 700 RPM, my GPU can hit 95 degrees and it's an older 6970, so this is way out of my comfortzone.


Is this a common issue?

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Hi. Sorry for the lack of information.

I'm using a AIO cooling solution for a GPU with 2 PWM SP120 QE fans on the radiator that's hooked up to a Corsair Link Cooling Kit. The fans are set to Maximum speed, so about 1450 RPM when gaming, but when I start a game that's in fullscreen, the fans suddenly slow down to about 700-800 RPM, which is way to low.


Sadly, I don't have any screenshots available right now as I'm at work.

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