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Would 600T 5.25 bay covers fit a 300R?


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Hey all,


Just registered to ask this as I can't create a support account atm due to issues.


I'm downsizing my cpu cooler from a Silver Arrow to a Scythe Ashura Shadow to make it easier to work inside my case & would like a bit of extra airflow as it'll need all the help it can get.


So I'm looking to mount a fan in the 3 5.25" bays in my 300R case.


Problem is it doesn't come with 5.25" mesh covers as standard.


I've been trying to find an alternative, and the bay covers for a 600T look like they would fit.


The clips in the 600T pictures look very similar to 300R covers, but I'd like to confirm that they will fit before I place an order.


Anyone happen to know?

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I had thought the 600T covers looked just as close to my 650D covers as the 300R covers look to the 600T but there was just enough of a tiny difference to keep them from fitting in my case (mutter mutter, mumble mumble). Unless someone chimes in saying that they had tried to put 600T covers in a 300R case and it didn't work, I would suggest buying just one 600T cover to see if it would fit; they are only $2 each.


Corsair is missing (and sinking) the boat on two things here. One, many Corsair case parts are interchangeable between different cases yet there are many others that come exasperatingly close but not quite fitting. It wouldn't have taken much thought to have avoided those tiny differences. The other one is the Corsair store website doesn't cross reference the parts that are interchangeable. Even more "curious" (the polite term; I'm trying to be nice here) is when an interchangeable part is listed under two different cases but gets listed with different prices (compare the 600T HDD tray and the 300R HDD tray; the 650D tray is $6 and the 300R tray is $2, yet both are the same tray).

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Thanks for the reply Lady Fitzgerald.


The shipping cost for the UK is nearly the cost of 3 panels, so I'd hate to end up paying it twice if the 600T cover did fit ( spent a bit much on my pc as it is )


Hopefully one of Corsair's reps will stumble across this thread & enlighten me.

Either that or I'll just need to wait until their support account system is working properly again.


I agree with what you said about the store. The pricing is a bit confusing in places to say the least.

It's just as well we like their hardware :laughing:

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Well I ordered the 600T panels anyway and :


They do fit... up to a point anyway :sunglasse



The clips on the original 300R panels & 600T mesh panels are identical.


It's the frame of the panel that causes the problem.


On the 300R panels, at each side there is a recess of around 1mm just behind the front.


This matches up with the 1mm ridge that is just inside the 5.25 bay area, at the sides, on the case.


So to get a flush fit I would need to file down this ridge at either side on the case.



Otherwise, the 600T panels will not sit flush with the front of the case.


They will sit in place, and snug enough that they won't fall out, but they will stick out by around 2-3mm.


I'll post a few pics later on when I get a chance.


P.S Thumbs up to Corsair & UPS for their service.

I ordered the panels late yesterday morning, and they arrived this afternoon :biggrin:

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Here's the pics :


First up are the 2 panels side by side. Clips are identical :





Next few images show how far the 600T panels protrude from the front of the case :





Since my case sits on the floor, mostly out of my line of sight, I'm not bothered about them not sitting flush with the front.


If the case was on my desk & more visible then I'd probably sand down the ridges on the inside of the 5.25 bay area to let them sit flush, but since I only recently stripped it all down to sort out the cable management it'll do the way it is for now :biggrin:

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That was the problem I ran into with the 600T covers in my 650D. I'm less tolerant (aka more anal) than you and wouldn't accept the covers sticking out like that. I tried modifying a 600T cover but that didn't end well. I even tried modifying a 650 D cover I had removed the brushed aluminum insert from to put on front of a drawer I have in one of my 650D's 5.25" bays to take the mesh from the 600T cover but that also didn't end well. After bombing out twice, I was reluctant to try to modify the 650D case front fascia and decided the stock covers looked just fine. Since then, I decided to add a second ODD, which means all four bays are filled, so the cover issue is now moot.
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