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I created a ticket last Thursday and have not heard anything back yet. I have checked the status on the customer portal and it looks like it hasn't been looked at.


I'm cant install a H75 water cooler. I am having the following problem with the following equipment:


Obsidian 750D + H75 + Asus Z97-A + i7 4790


The waterblock does not seem to fit onto the CPU. It seems like the standoffs are not long enough to protrude through the holes on the waterblock bracket.


The backplate rattles around even when the standoffs are tightened as hard as possible and the backplate is forced in the direction of the motherboard. I have double checked that the recommended standoffs are used.


I have had 2 very experienced builders check over the process and try to install and they both believe that there is some kind of compatibility issue.


Am I going to get a reply from support?

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