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AX120i and H100i not detected.


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First of all I would like to start by saying that I bought those products almost a year ago and the the quality of the products has been fantastic and I haven't had a problem with them so far *knocks on wood*... but since then I wasn't able to use corsair link at all due to software issues.


A few days ago I was going to buy a kill-a-watt to know how much power my PC is using and then I remembered that my PSU has that functionality through corsair link. I checked the forums and found out that there was a beta version for win8.1. I installed it and it didnt 't work :sigh!: The software does not detect my ax1200i nor my h100i. No power tab, no tools tab or any other tab I keep reading about.


Some info about it... the dongle gets detected and its version is 0.9. The guide to upgrade firmware does no apply and I'm still unable to get anything corsair link related working.


Any help.



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Now the light is blinking bewteen red and green but still no power tab or anything else...


Here's some pics to help me get some more help



Driver installed by 2.5.5145 (is there an updated driver? 2010 is too old, right?).


Board is a SABERTOOTH X79.



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