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How long for support?

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Hey guys,


Was just wondering how long it takes for Corsair to answer a RMA ticket? I requested it earlier today and still haven't heard anything.


Is this usual for them? I recently dealt with Gigabyte and the longest I had to wait for an email back was 4 minutes which is amazing and I'm not expecting anything that quick but it's been around 5-6 hours.


Also tried Live Chat (which said it was online) but I was waiting for over 40 minutes for it connect.


Just anxious to get it resolved as I need it for business :sigh!:


Ticket number is 6486371

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Click on the Support Ticket System tab above and go to that ticket to make sure there hasn't actually been a response.


Hey, thanks for the reply. I was constantly checking both my email and the ticket.


I managed to call them and get it sorted fairly quickly in the end. I didn't realise there was a number I could call using Skype :)

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