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Corsair AX860i PCU Died


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I purchased an AX860i Power Supply on the 20th of Feb 2013.


The same one I reviewed here: http://www.overclockers.com.au/article.php?id=1075420


It has been a good PSU but of late it has turned itself off every 3 hours for now reason. I have rebuilt windows multiple times (7/8/8.1) and tried different RAM and video cards. I even had my GPU retuned because I thought it was at faulty (Gefroce 680). I don't OC (don't have a chip that can and only have one CPU and a few drives.


Yesterday the PSU turned off and would not turn on. I could hear a safety relay cutting out and preventing the system coming on. I checked my power leads and power boards but the PSU was not responding. I pressed the Self Test (first with drives connected and then with all cables disconnected except the 240v AC)and it reported (failed).


I plugged in an old Antec 650 PSU and the system works fine (2d/3d/typing this).


Ideas and Suggestions?


Should I return this direct to Corsair Australia or back via my vendor in Australia?



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