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TX750 V2 Fan Running always at 100%


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Hello everyone,


I am an happy Corsair customer, about 3 years ago I bought my TX750V2 PSU, integrated and go. There was a bit of fan noise from the case (Obsidian 650D) but at that time, coming from a very old pc, compared it was Ok for me so I kept going.

Days ago I had to move it in my bedroom (before was in the living) and frustrated by the fan sound discovered that the big noise of the pc comes mostly from the PSU, over the 1x140mm and 2x200mm of the case, the 120mm CPU and the two GPU fans (should be 60mm each). When everything is in idle it's still spinning at full power (it seems a mini jet engine), only when the system is really stressed (HQ video games) the two GPU fans sounds more then that.

I started to look for a solution in this forum and found lot of people in the same situation, checked that the warranty is for 5 years so I would go through the RMA but I tried and looks not available the Advance Replacement button. I really won't to keep my pc powered off more than one entire day because I use it mostly for work, but I really don't appreciate to have lost the possibility to have a noiseless pc when I payed for that.


How should I move now?

Thank you

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