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Front Intake AF OR SP ( HDD cage behind )


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i'm using Corsair SPEC 01 cabinet. i have uploaded a random pic from internet which is my cabinet i.e. spec 01. I'm using i5 4570 CM hyper 212x cpu cooler and asus r9 280x RM 650 2X4GB corsair vengence asus h87 plus.


1. with regards to cooling i have put up Corsair AF 140 LED quiet edition as front intake ( front fan 1 ) i have two HDD in hdd cage and all stored at the bottom-most trays and upper two tray slides have been removed from the HDD cage. Please advise me which type of cabinet cooling fan should i install in front of the HDD cage as an intake fan ( highlighted with red question mark in the pic ) I'm looking at SP 120 quiet edition or AF 120 performance edition.


Any MODERATOR could shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated. please advise which series AF OR SP should i go for intake from front and which edition ( quiet or performance ) since there is HDD cage BEHIND the second front intake fan ( upper two tray of HDD cage are open ) ?


2. For exhaust i have stock corsair fan in the rear, top is complete open. im thinking to keep the one exhaust open and another one as intake fan to throw fresh air into cabinet towards the GPU and also the cpu cooler can suck some of it.


SECOND, please advise about the TOP fans. if i want to mount only one stock fan how it should be for better cooling and where ? Please note i will not be OC-ING anything ever.


windows 7 screen shot[/img]

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