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Corsair Link was working perfectly... and now its not


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Current Status:


- Can control the 4 fans plugged into my H100i

- GPU fans on my Gigabyte R9 290 cannot be controlled. They are detected fine but do not respond to fan curves or manual speeds, instead they sit at idle speeds and do not speed up even when temperatures rise (CCC is disabled on start-up, no other fan control software installed).

- LED does not work in temperature mode (changing color to match temperature of CPU), instead it stays off entirely. I can however set colors manually and this works perfectly fine.

- H100i firmware does not upgrade properly. When I try updating it it says I can upgrade from version 1.07 to version 1.07, the upgrade says it completes then I receive an error a few seconds later.




This is a brand new build completed under a week ago. I installed Windows 8.1 and Corsair Link (pre Windows 8.1 support version) and edited my registry to make it able to detect the H100i and fans. This worked perfectly, I could control every fan perfectly, the LED worked in temperature mode perfectly, I was happy. I was playing Battlefield 4 fine. Then it stopped working. In hindsight I believe it stopped working after I installed Starcraft 2, Wow, and Darksouls 2 (installed by moving the install from my old PC). After this I reinstalled Corsair Link to no effect, then reinstalled Windows and installed the version of Link with Windows 8.1 support (2.6 something I believe, and I still had to edit my registry to get it to detect my H100i and fans) and still no solution. Note I had reinstalled those games before Link so maybe that is the problem?


So... should I try reinstalling Windows again without those games I mentioned to see if that's the problem, should I try Windows 7 instead (I'd prefer 8.1). Any help or suggestions would be great though due to my tiny case (the 250D) and non-modular power supply taking my computer apart to hook up the fans to a molex and bypass using Link altogether would be very undesirable.

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