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?new memory for build


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Hi all,


I have a new build in progress: i7 4930k and MB: Asus X79-Deluxe. I think I might want to upgrade the memory to take advantage of this systems performance.... the old box had 16 G ram: 4 pieces of Life Time 4GB DDR3 1333 uDIMM (PC3-10600) ... pricey memory but the audio guys promote it as super stable but I think that is mostly hype and want to try some faster memory.... This is for a Pro Tools 11HD professional recording rig..


I am a sound engineer and know enough about PCs to be dangerous...


I will likely disable turbo speeds and c states (in the bios) for the cpu as this is reputed to cause pops and clicks in the audio... although I will test that before I leave it disabled... my guess is I will end up there...


the 16 gig of ram is enough for pro tools, but I might want to double the amount in order to add Avid Media Composer to this box...


Any comments or help would be appreciated...

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