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Voyager Air - Updating your Voyager Air Firmware

The Corsair Voyager Air wireless portable drive is an excellent piece of Corsair engineering. When it is needed, we offer firmware updates that will ensure that you get the most performance, the most features, and the best reliability from your Voyager Air drive. Updating the firmware on the Voyager Air is extremely simple using these steps below. The update can be performed using your smartphone (included iPod Touch), tablet, PC, or MAC.




Before you begin the update process, you must have your drive connected to the AC power charger. This update cannot be performed on battery power.

Step 1. Download the firmware update file and save it on the root of your Voyager Air. Do not store it in a folder or in a sub folder.




Step 2. Verify that your firmware update file is on the root of the Voyager Air via the Voyager Air app or by viewing the drive contents via the USB 3.0 connection using your PC or MAC. Once you have the file on the drive, power your drive off.




Step 3. Restart your Voyager Air drive and reconnect to the drive using your phone, tablet, or PC. At this time, you should also remove the USB 3.0 cable and the ethernet cable if you have these cables attached. Under the settings tab, you will see the Drive Firmware status with a red indicator of Update Ready. Select Install.




Step 4. You will receive a message that a firmware update has been detected. Select Install if you wish to update your firmware.




If you do not have your AC charger connected, your Voyager Air drive cannot be updated. Here is the error you will see. If you receive this error, you will need to connect your AC charger to complete the update. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to continue after you connect your AC charger.




During the update process, the Voyager Air will stop transmitting wirelessly and the drive will be unresponsive.




The update process can take up to 5 minutes and your Voyager Air wireless transmission indicator will flash blue during the update. Once the update is finished, the unit will begin transmitting wirelessly again and the wireless tranmission indicator light will be solid blue and not flashing. You can reconnect to your Voyager Air wirelessly at this point. If you are using a Voyager Air as a NAS device, you may reconnect it to your network at this point.




At this time, if you wish to verify your firmware status, reconnect to the Voyager Air and open the app or go to the landing page via your web browswer. Open the Settings tab again and you should see the current firmware version.


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