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Shift Your Perspective on Power Supplies

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CORSAIR RMx SHIFT power supplies mix things up by moving the connectors to the side of the power supply, allowing for easy-access to the new Type-5 connectors and freeing up space for other accessories such as dedicated hard drive cages in your case!


That said, not all cases have enough space for this as they were designed for a more traditional power supply layout. So we've put together a quick guide for those considering an RMx SHIFT for your next build!


RMx SHIFT requires an unobstructed PSU chamber and at least 30mm of clearance between the connector-side of the PSU and the side panel to allow for the connectors on the cabling to be inserted and routed appropriately.


In addition, RMx SHIFT uses smaller Type 5 micro-fit connectors which are incompatible with previous generation Type 3/Type 4 cables.

Finally, if you're planning on upgrading to an RTX 40-Series card, we've included the 12VHPWR cable with each RMx SHIFT power supply so you can keep a clean build without using an adapter!

What are your thoughts on the RMx SHIFT lineup? Have you built with one already? Let us know in the comments!


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