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arkantos91 02-11-2019 05:10 AM

RM750X V2 buzzing noise while PC is off
Hi, I've just bought a new RM750X and noticed that when I turn my PC off it produces an annoying buzzing noise which is not that loud but in a silent small room like mine can be heard distinctively even a couple of meters away from my computer.

The moment I flip the PSU switch off, the buzzing ceases to exist, but it's very annoying having to do that every single time.

Also the very wierd thing is that the buzzing also disappears when I turn my PC on.

I really hope I'm not going to be once again disappointed by Corsair and their presumably "high end" products... back in 2010 I bought a HX 650 which was also considered "professional" and in not even two years of mild usage it began coil whining.

My previous Seasonic never had any issues like this... is this normal or should I ask for RMA?

arkantos91 02-13-2019 06:50 PM

Is anyone from Corsair staff even reading this forum?

Should I contact them directly for RMA? smh

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