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TaterT0t 09-14-2016 11:39 PM

Just got my lapdog and I have a few suggestions
After a long wait I finally completed my living room gaming rig with a lapdog. I also own the bulldog and am really impressed with it other than the flimsy front usb cover. Other than that the bulldog is a winner in the living room especially with a water cooled video card.

Onto my impression of the lapdog. Overall I really like it but there are a few things I would change in future models that aren't a huge deal but as they say the devil is in the details.

1) Add an optional wrist support.

2) When first setting up the lapdog the instructions weren't clear as to where the mouse cable was to exit the lapdog. After reading through the manual I saw no mention of it but I did notice on the diagram that a cable was exiting the top right corner beside the mouse pad. This cable is not labeled in the diagram nor is it mentioned in the instructions. It took only a few minutes but first impressions count.

3) When I bought the lapdog I was under the impression this was an all in one unit. When I fired up my computer my mouse cursor wouldn't show up. (Razor Naga optical mouse). I spent 10 minutes searching online for a solution thinking maybe it was a problem with the usb hub in the lapdog or who knows what. Only when I was fiddling with the mouse and I happened to put it on the couch did it click that the surface of the lapdog mouse area is not compatible with my (and maybe others) mouse. Maybe the surface could be changed or through in a corsair mousepad with the lapdog.

4) This one is very minor but I know it would have made my setup personally that much easier. Supply a magnetic allen key. Man would that make life easier removing and reinstalling those tiny screws. I got the hands of a welder and small finicky part placement is not something I excel at.

5) You may want to add a note in your instructions saying to put the cable ties through the tie down loops before routing your cables as it is not easy to do after.

6) The edge at the bottom needs to be a bit larger to prevent the mouse from falling off when using a mouse pad. Or maybe I just need to get a new mouse haha. Do the corsair mice have the problem of not registering the surface of the lapdog?

With that said I do want to say I really like the product. The cushion is great on it, I like that it is angled slightly and reversible. I really like the brushed aluminum or whatever it is made out of. I found that there was ample room for cable management. Its stable on the lap and not to heavy and so far I'm really enjoying it.

Hope some of those help make the next one even better.

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