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Picking a Case for RTX 30 Series

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With the new Nvidia RTX 3080 and 3090 graphics cards finally on the market, it’s important that your system is kept as cool as possible with sufficient airflow. If you’re building a completely new system from scratch or upgrading your current system, you might want to double check your PC case to make sure it can facilitate enough airflow. Here are a few of our top recommendations for PC cases.

  • 4000D_WHITE_01.png.5355ea4502eefcba677b51e2f1a11cf5.png
  • 4000X_BLACK_01_Primary.png.d5a11a68057e13e951543beb4d740d6e.png

The new 4000D is a great choice if you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic (take a look at the airflow version if you want even better cooling). If you have a slightly bigger budget and want to “bling out your rig”, then the 4000X will give you everything the 4000D has to offer, along with a tempered glass front panel and extra accessories like three RGB fans with AirGuide anti-vortex technology and a Lighting Node Core to control the lighting. The 4000D, 4000D AIRFLOW, and 4000X are available in black and white.


The 275R Airflow is a budget-friendly mid-tower case that has proper airflow, as the name suggests, with its ventilated cutout design on the front panel. Since it has 370mm of clearance for the graphics card, it can fit even the monster RTX 3090 with room for up to six 120mm cooling fans.

  • 465X_BLACK_07.png.8ba5761906039d26b9c2a97d4d940afb.png
  • 465X_WHITE_07.png.c73db75726fea2a64d731a43693a20b5.png

Another great mid-tower case is the 465X RGB, especially since it comes with three of our highly popular LL120 RGB fans. Instead of a mesh grill or cutout design for the front panel, it features solid tempered glass that’s positioned with enough space to allow good airflow and not smother the front intake fans.

  • 500D_SE_01.png.97fe58892620add869b1ec974f5e4244.png
  • 1000D_Built_27b-1.png.0252faa5ed95093ddd847a89a5374e99.png

If budget is not a problem and you are willing to go all out on aesthetics without compromising on performance, then the Obsidian 500D SE mid-tower and Obsidian 1000D super tower are fantastic choices for ideal air and water-cooling. The 1000D is just an absolute beast and can hold up to 18 cooling fans, dual PC systems, up to 480mm sized radiators, and an advanced custom cooling loop like our Hydro X Series if that is what you’re going for.


In conclusion, we’ve prioritized cases that offer a good amount of ventilation on the front panel since that’s the driving force for pulling in lots of cool air. That said, if you’re planning on mounting a front panel radiator with a push, pull, or push-pull configuration, it’s always best to double check the clearance to make sure you still have enough room to accommodate your new graphics card. If you need help with your next build or upgrade, check out our community on Reddit, Discord, or our User Forums!


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