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Old 06-14-2019, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by mYb View Post
Well, I have the same problem as Pingo, and it is not a isolated to his PC, not isolated to a version of Windows 10, and not isolated to a version of iCUE 'cause I have this problem before the 1903 windows update, and there are other reports around the interwebs about this problem from some time (here/reddit).

As Pingo's setup, I have pretty recent components, no CD/DVD drive attached.

i9 9900k
Corsair CMR64GX4M4C3200C16 (4 x 16 GB)
Corsair H115i PRO
Corsair HX850i
Samsung 970 Pro SSD 1 TB
Seagate Firecuda SSHD 2 TB
Western Digital Blue 500 GB - The oldest part from my PC - but doenst make any difference if I swap it out

Peripheral devices connected

Logitech G413
Logitech G502
Xbox One Controller adapter

No other usb device connected

The problem, I suspect comes from either a weird combination (misfit) of Asus motherboard and iCUE or a combination of Samsung SSD and iCUE, or Windows screwing something with the drivers but I have stopped Windows from updating drivers.

Even if I uninstall completly iCUE and install the new update the same bootloop or "Inaccessible Boot Device" BSOD.
I try from time to time after a driver update or motherboard BIOS update to update iCUE and I have to use restore point to revert to the previous version.

I forgot to mention that all drivers are up to date, all programs and windows itself, latest BIOS and firmware to all the components except iCUE.
Different mobo, Aorus Master, but we have lots of other components in common and I have zero issues with Windows 10 x64 1903. Are you using the Samsung specific NVMe driver, which is certainly rock-solid for me?
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Old 06-14-2019, 07:02 PM
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I think Corsair should be testing their 3.16 icue installer and see what files it modifies and installs,uninstalls and overwrites within windows so they aren't making many windows 10 users computers unusable or unstable with their software ! I know for a fact that their installer modified my Lan card settings which has nothing to do with their sound drivers or settings.If anyone wants to see what icue 3.16 is modifying within windows you can download Mirekusoft Install Monitor for free and do a fresh install of icue 3.16 and look at the list of things within the Registry and Windows folders that it modifies ,even before restart of your computer after installation .

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Old 06-16-2019, 04:52 AM
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I recently experienced this problem myself and had to completely reset my Windows install as neither my restore points or recovery images would work, nor would any DISM commands. My problem occurred after a restart due to updating anti-virus software. So, no, it is definitely not only caused by iCUE, rather it seems to be (as usual) a Windows issue and I found in my research that this problem has been around for quite a while, at least as far back as 2015. As far as I can tell, it has something to do with Windows updates specifically, either updates failing to install correctly or being interrupted during install; as far as why the problem presents after updating other software, I'm not entirely sure. However, once I reset my PC and reinstalled the latest version of iCUE, I've not had any problems whatsoever, which makes me even more inclined to put the blame on Windows.
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Old 06-20-2019, 11:30 AM
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Default Possible Solution

I ran into this same issue. Upgrading iCue caused a bootloop and an error on the boot device being unavailable. I was able to get back in by using a system restore point, but iCue no longer recognized any of my devices (K95, Void Pro, Scimitar Pro). I redid the upgrade from a direct download (instead of through the utility's update) and had the same issue once again resolved by a system restore.

What I did next appears to have worked just fine.
1) Fully uninstall iCue
2) Reboot
3) Install iCue from a direct download
4) Reboot

I was able to get back in just fine and all of my devices were available. I noted that during the install I was asked to close certain programs so it could install, something I was never asked when it was trying to upgrade a previous install. I don't know if that is the issue: components that don't get fully installed in an update but do in a clean install.
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Old 06-21-2019, 09:47 PM
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Just ran into this issue updating to 3.17 today. Never had any problems before and am running Windows 10 1903 as well.

After the upgrade my machine went into a blue screen reboot loop with the error "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE".

I was able to boot into Safe Mode successfully and tried to initiate a restore point prior to the install, but it failed with the following error:

An unspecified error occurred during System Restore: (Installed DirectX). Additional information: 0x8007045b.

Oddly enough, after that restore point failure, Windows booted fine even though I got the message that none of my system files were changed. 3.17 is still installed and everything appears to be working successfully (reboot, shutdown, ran games, etc.)

I exported the system info and logs incase it's needed to help resolve this issue.
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Old 07-12-2019, 11:01 PM
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I talked with a tech from Microsoft and they said the newest patch from july for windows 10 takes care of the loop problem with corsair . If anyone has any problems with audio not working after installation of newest Icue ,use troubleshoot audio within windows 10 and have it fix the audio for you. It found a couple settings within windows that needed to be set for some reason and all fixed.
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Old 08-13-2019, 12:56 PM
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This is the second time I've had this error. I'm using 1803 still. I was lucky enough to get into safemode and use a restore point. Last time I had to load a backup image.
There's a problem here and someone needs to pay attention.
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Old 09-10-2019, 03:03 PM
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Default Problem solved!

Hallo Everybody

Just uninstall older Corsair version with RevoUninstaller, which offers an advanced option that completely wipes out any traces of the software. Install the new software and you are good to go.

Kind regards
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Old 11-03-2019, 05:34 AM
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Just adding my experience.

(OS Windows 10 Pro 1809)

A few days ago i noticed my CPU fans were in unicorn barf mode instead of temperature dependent lighting like the rest of the system. So i checked for updates and sure enough i had 3.12.118 and there was a 3.2x version available.
After restarting my PC i ended up in a boot loop. Using some restore/repair options fixed the boot. iCUE was still 3.12.118.
Two times a charm and same result.

I used Gotan's advice and removed every little bit of iCUE from my system and reinstalled it from a fresh download (3.21.88). Now everything seems to work just fine.
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Old 11-03-2019, 09:25 PM
deno1000 deno1000 is offline
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I have same problem after updating a new version of windows 1903, pc is freezing every time.
When it happened i tried installing older version of ICUE and pc freezed again.
i think that ICUE isn't optimized with new version windows 1903.
But of course people from corsair will say "everything is ok"
they are always saying "this is problem of ur PC"
but now that people started to report same problems maybe now they will understand.
it's fascinating how when i uninstalled windows and installed new windows,there wasn't any problems, but then I installed ICUE and bum my pc is freezed again.
Since i don't have it installed anymore i have no problems.


CPU: Intel i9-9900K@4.8Ghz
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GPU: Gigabayte RTX 2080 TI 8GB
Seasonic FOCUS plus 750w gold
Case: Be quiet! SILENT BASE 801
Operating system: Windows 10 PRO 64bit

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boot loop, icue crashing, windows 10

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