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Old 02-20-2015, 08:28 PM
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Im not even going to bother trying this version. I see all the things that gave me a hard time are still there.

I had a very hard time getting link to work when i built this pc and im not even sure what got it to work in the end. I never did the registry edit and turning off the usb legacy mode was a nightmare, If you turn that off and your mouse and keyboard are usb then they wont be turned on until you load windows then you can no longer make changes in the bios/uefi so i had to clear cmos and so on...

Right now i have all temp info and i can control my fans so im honestly afraid to mess with it unless there is a real fix and i hear from a lot of people that its actually working right.

Old 02-20-2015, 09:57 PM
caymandive caymandive is offline
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I just installed 3.1.5525 and notice slight improvements from the previous version. I also did not have to remove previous version when I updated.

Needs fixed:
1. Still does not detect my second GPU
2. Does not always pick up my Pump speed which is not important, but would be nice to see consistently.

1. Happy to see the gauges don't lose their place when I resize the window and back.

2. LED transition between colors seems to also be fixed as it's nice and smooth now and no sign of flickering.

1. As some others have suggested...before you upgrade to the new version save your fan profiles! The rear exhaust fan is showing red only because I have it set to only turn on if the CPU were to ever get above 70c.

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Old 02-20-2015, 10:04 PM
Braxos Braxos is offline
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same as the old link

unistalled old LINK
Deleted Appdata folder
installed new

H100i Blinking red
Ax1200i blinking red
i2600 blinking red
second GPU isnt recognized

at least it recognized all stuff didnt need to unplug and replug anything this time.

time to revert back to old working LINK

waiting for 2016 link :P

Old 02-20-2015, 11:58 PM
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Ive used one of my computers for a while now installing various software versions of link with different usb devices connected.I kept both front and rear usb connections filled with devices and constantly swapping them around and have found certain devices have caused issues with the link
2 that really mess with things are an older wireless keyboard and my gps.
Ive also found connecting links usb to a rear external usb port greatly enhances the links connection abilities...

A major issue I found while juggling usb devices was links ui would show a '0' icon and the sidebar would show the same icon working.
another issue was the complete ui would all be '0's with a new set working on the sidebar...

knowing what devices that causes interfere has allowed my link to work very well.

hope this helps others with like issues...
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Old 02-21-2015, 03:50 AM
Y-Fritz Y-Fritz is offline
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Unfortunately the power in / efficiency for HX750i isn't fixed in this version

Old 02-21-2015, 04:59 AM
linxeye linxeye is offline
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Here we go again : AX1200i is not seen by this release... Please do something about it.

Old 02-21-2015, 06:49 AM
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Btw. even HWiNFO shows Corsair Link Mini Temperatures ...

I don't blame anyone for this, but please can you tell me what the problem is on that, because other 3rd party tools don't have any problem reading values out of CCM.

Old 02-21-2015, 07:12 AM
PacManCan PacManCan is offline
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Default New Version put through it's paces :)

Hi Guys

I can control my fans connected to the mini commander now which is great, however see below issue noted in the new version:

1. Corsair Link does not show CPU fan header when D5 Pump RPM cable is plugged into it. Yet the software detects the pump RPM when it's plugged into the CPU_OPT header. It wont detect a fan in the CPU header either just in case you thought it was the pump. Using Asus Hero V motherboard.

2. In light of issue 1, I have my D5 pump plugged into the CPU_OPT header. I have then setup a "Notification" (see autoshutdown picture attached) asking the software to shutdown my PC if the pump drops below 3000 RPM. I have done about 20 tests of unplugging the pump, the software detects that the RPM has dropped to 0 and shuts down the computer but only if the software is left full screen just after "Notification" screen is setup and profile save. As soon as you close the software and it is running in the system tray the computer does not run the shutdown command when I disconnect the pump. Even if I re-open the software it still does not work until I make a change and re-save the profile again. I have tested this with both with shutdown command and LED changes with the same result.

This is a major one, this part needs to be reliable as currently I'm scared to leave my computer on unattended, as I cannot trust corsair link to shut down in the event of a pump failure.

3. Are there any plans for the software to control motherboard 3pin fan valtage also? I have a total of 10 fans, so currently I need to use the BIOS to lower the voltage of my additional chassis fans as Corsair link doesn't seem to have any effect to them. Although ASUS AI suite was able to before I removed it and switched to Corsair Link.

4. Please can you add a drop down for "Device Type" as my D5 pump is stuck as a Fan!!, I am assuming that this will change automatically if you have one of your h100i/h80i devices connected. It would be nice to change from Fan to Pump.

5. LED on mini commander box still flashing away Red. Assume it's supposed to be Green. Tried the USB legacy mode disabled and installed latest BIOS. Removed old Corsair Link version and profiles folder, installed new version but this hasn't made any difference.

6. Sometimes 30 second delays when switching between "Balanced", "Quiet" and "Performance" modes from tray icon.

7. I have renamed all my fans and temp sensors within the link software, these names do not carry over to the "Fan & Pump Info" + "Temperature Info" menu's when using the tray icon.

8. I have setup my Intel Core i7 temp group with all my SP120 fans. Set it so at over 40 degrees my fans should be at 100%. I run a stress test so my CPU goes over 40 degrees. The fans speed up which is expected, but they don't go to 100%, it's more like 50%. With some more testing I found that depending on which mode the software is set to either "Performance", "Balanced" or "Quiet" this directly affects the apparent 100% speed when the CPU goes over 40 degrees. For example, if my mode is on "Performance" and the CPU goes over 40 degrees the fans do go to a true 100%, I can tell by the noise and RPM shown in the software. However, if I am on "Quiet" mode when the CPU goes over 40 degrees the fans should still go to 100% according my setup. However, they at around 50%. Similar on "balanced" mode they reach around 70% I would say. Only if I start in "Performance mode" and then allow the CPU to go over 40 degrees do I get a true 100% speed on the fans. (See group cooling picture attached)

9. "Check for Updates" button, typo on the button text

10. The software auto starts with Windows, when you click the cross to minimize to system tray it asks if you want to save changes even though non have been made.

11. Group linking - If I have all 6 radiator fans under the CPU temperature group and tell all the fans to go up to 100% if CPU reaches say 40 degrees. How do I then do a similar thing for my GPU, can't we link the fans to a different group. What if my CPU is not under too much load but my GPU is boiling hot, I assume currently the software will not be able to ramp the same set of fans up!

Kind Regards

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Old 02-21-2015, 09:05 AM
felipy2k felipy2k is offline
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Same O , Same O Dawm Corsair !!!

Old 02-21-2015, 09:35 AM
nh_790 nh_790 is offline
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Originally Posted by nh_790 View Post
Is there any changelog for 3.1.5525?

H100i detection is still hit and miss, it still asks you to save the profile every time its closed even if no changes have been made...

The LED blinking when fans set to custom curve seems to be fixed, which is great.
Well I spoke too soon apparently... The LED issue is still present. Can anyone confirm that this is only an issue with the commander mini? If I got a lighting node and connected it to the mini and connected the LED's to the lighting node would the blinking be resolved?

Also, I know new firmware is expected for the H100i, is that expected to address the intermittent detection of the hardware in Link?

Old 02-21-2015, 11:12 AM
gheriksen gheriksen is offline
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Default v3.1.5525 HX1000i not working

Intel i7 4790K
Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero

Get the same result as hpvoltage at post #10. Both in system and Power pane it detects everything except CPU temp and all the stuff from HX1000i.

Now back to version 2.7.5339 wich works well it seems. This is the only version that gives me any readout from the HX1000i at all.

I was considering getting a Corsair Link, but that’s out of the question until the existing components work as promised. Good to see you are taking action.

Old 02-21-2015, 11:31 AM
William1 William1 is offline
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I do not run a Commander, I use the H100i as the interface.

It does seem more stable than the previous version. I had a bug before where after a bit of time running, Corsair Link would show all fans as running at 3,000+ rpm (which they were not). Temps showed normal. Shutting down link and restarting it returned fan speed indications to normal. This new version does not display any of that 'bad habit'.
I've noticed that CL only controls fans connected to my H100i. If I set to performance mode, those two fans connected directly to the H100i kick up in speed. My AX860i does not. If I go into the CL software and fiddle with the fan configuration for the PSU, then it gets going.
CL still has no effect on my case fans plugged into my mother board.

I too, have a strong feeling of a lack of being impressed. I am a programmer by trade and I do not see this as being so hard to do. It may be time to pony up and consider an employee shift. Sorry to the guy programming, but facts are facts. Eventually, acceptance of a situation must be made.

Old 02-21-2015, 11:34 AM
lukacsmw lukacsmw is offline
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Default Upgrade works fine for me

The new version works fine for me. The only problem I had before was the temp on my AX860i was showing 0C, but now it's working fine.

The only issue I would still like fixed is to address the blinking red fan icon for GPU's that have fans that completely shut off. My MSI GTX970 with its Twin Frozn V cooling system will shut-off when not under heavy load - so the fan icon is always blinking! There should be a configuration check box to stop enable/disable the color and blinking of the icon.

Old 02-21-2015, 12:59 PM
BatJoe BatJoe is offline
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With just my H80i I am having no issues with 3.1.

Old 02-21-2015, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by nh_790 View Post
Well I spoke too soon apparently... The LED issue is still present. Can anyone confirm that this is only an issue with the commander mini? If I got a lighting node and connected it to the mini and connected the LED's to the lighting node would the blinking be resolved?

Also, I know new firmware is expected for the H100i, is that expected to address the intermittent detection of the hardware in Link?
Commander Mini here too, and I also have the flickering/blinking LED issue. Happens with custom curve fan RPM's, but I haven't tested yet to see if it happens with fixed RPM and the LED's set to change colour depending on temps.

And I'd also like to know about the H100i issue. Mine's plugged in via USB header right now because when it's connected to the Mini through a Link digital cable it doesn't show in Link.

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