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Old 08-14-2017, 05:21 PM
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Default Faulty chair


It's been over a week now since my wheel bearings
came off, one of the two plastic thingies in the back rest
fell off and no reply to my ticket or from the reseller here
in Finland.

Don't mind about the plastic things felling off since i
like this chair and got superglue but cant really fix
the bearings with duct tape can i?

Any chance to get a reaction from corsair to this issue?

I used my chair half an hour before it started to completely
dismantle itself onto my floor. First ever Corsair product
i have any issues with.


ok so quick edit on this situation..
Got a bit frustrated.. waiting is not one of my strong points

Corsair replied to my wheel situation faster than the reseller
here.. i am getting my new wheels on the chair by mail..
i read that the wheel thing is fixed now just got unlucky
and bought one of the first patches..

i called to corsair about a week ago and the customer service
person was really helpful and patient with me ( bad english with
finnish accent ) then issued my ticket. Took about a week+ and
got my thing fixed, overall rma experience felt easy and polite.

well done corsair.

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Old 09-29-2017, 03:15 PM
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"Your RMA has been approved. The replacement part will ship out to you soon."

This was nearly 2 months ago, don't know if i'm really getting myself
new wheels or not..

don't care anymore about the cost can i buy these wheels somewhere?

corsair chairs are priced above ak racing and about all the other manufacturers here where im at
so kinda expected a high end product

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Old 10-04-2017, 10:39 PM
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Have you tried checking out companies that offer metal machining services (this one for example)? I think they can make one for you, and as I've seen on one of their sections, they're offering casters, which are identical to wheels I suppose.
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Old 10-11-2017, 05:42 PM
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Bought an overpriced broken gaming chair in a box
without seeing it since i like the brand.
Retailer didn't know what to do and told there's
no spares available and all other chairs are the same
and asked me to contact corsair directly.

So i did :)

Called them, made a ticket, posted on to their forums..
08/15/2017 04:49 PM got promised a new set of wheels
soon, cant see them corsair.. no wheels incoming

Funny that my earlier message got edited by an employee
but not responded :)

Not happy, and after this fail will keep in mind the corsair rma
policy when buying things again
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