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Old 09-04-2018, 11:40 AM
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Default [Guide] How to sync ASUS Aura with ICUE

As the title states I will be showing you how to sync Aura devices with ICUE.

Some things before we start

Since ASUS recently updated and released their new SDK i will divide this guide into two sections:
The first section being the old ASUS Aura version which has very limited device support and stability but has the ability to get and set the colors of select Aura devices. You could use this to use the music mode in Aura and send the colors to corsair devices or you could use ICUE effects on Aura devices.
The second section being the new ASUS Aura version which supports all Aura devices at the cost of only setting the colors. With all Aura devices I mean all Aura compatible gear should work. If you don't mind only being able to set ICUE effects on your Aura devices then the second section is the preferred method.

Section 1: Old ASUS Aura version

Note 1: This might won't work on X370 or B350 but will work on X470 and B450.
Note 2: This does not work with Asus Strix 20xx cards as they do not show up in the older aura version.
Note 3: This only works with Asus Motherboards / GPUs for now. Gigabyte and MSI support is expected somewhere in the near future.
Note 4: Your device must be supported by the SDK.

If you need any further assistance on setting this up feel free to ask us over at discord.

Ok so lets begin.
First of all, you will need Asus Aura 1.06.17. Using this with the newer versions might crash Aura. But that is not as bad as it sounds as you will be uninstalling it anyway :). You will need to use a program called CCleaner to do the job. Most of the times a normal windows uninstall will not work as Asus doesn't uninstall everything for some reason. Just note that when uninstalling to both uninstall Asus Aura and Aura Service. You can easily check the Asus Aura version in Windows 10 when going into Settings and then Apps and then going on Asus Aura.

This is how it would look.
After you have installed Asus Aura and it starts up you should make sure it works by selecting the rainbow effect (or any of the ones below that). Next you should head over to and download the latest Jacknet Sync program. It is an installer and will go through like any regular program installer. When that is done you should have a new desktop icon. Double click it like a regular program and it should open. You should start with clicking on New LED Group. It should look similar to this after that.

Depending on which way you want to sync your LEDs (Asus aura -> ICUE devices or ICUE -> Asus Aura devices; does not work on all boards like for example x470 or z390) you want to select the host LED device in MasterLED.
For Asus -> ICUE select "Motherboard X".
For ICUE -> Asus select a Corsair device.
And for the synchronized LEDs you should drag over the LEDs you want do sync to the MasterLED. (use shift select for easier dragging)
Make sure to not add devices that are synced internally already. Example you have Corsair in the Master LED tab and add a or the same device to the synchronized tab. It will cause lag since it is getting and setting the color at the same time. Avoid that.

I went for the Asus -> ICUE route here so this is how it looks for me.

If you are going for the ICUE -> Asus route it should look like this.

Section 2: New ASUS Aura version

Note: Only bugs we found so far are the "Desktop" which shows up. It has no documented function so for now it is "just there". Ignore it for now. Another bug is that the Strix x299e board is bugging out a bit. It works fine except for anything connected to either of the 12v RGB headers. 5v are unaffected by this.
Note 2: When launching Jacknet sync it may take longer since Aura takes long to add the devices in.

Following this section will only require on of the newer ASUS Aura versions. Latest is recommended by ASUS but if your Aura works and is older then 1.06.17 it should still work. 1.07.xx is still recommended though.

After making sure you have a working Aura install you can start by installing Jacknet sync. After you open it it may take a while but it should pop up eventually. Head over to the settings tab first and make sure your Aura devices are listed.

Now head over to the LED Groups tab and create a new LED Group. As Master LED you want to select a Corsair LED. As for the Aura devices you want to drag them over. A big help can be SHIFT-Selection.
Once everything is dragged over it should start syncing the LEDs right a way. You can now select an effect in ICUE and it will mirror the colour of the LED you selected to the Aura devices.

Ignore the other groups for now.
Side Note: Using too many Asus Addressable LEDs can cause the mirrored effects to lag a lot and use lots of CPU time.

Small info for the end

I hope this small guide has made your RGB experience more immersive. Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading.

I also made a little "tutorial" to this on YouTube. This was using RGBSync+ which is from one of the developers. It is a proof of concept.

If you need any help or if you have any questions feel free to ask. As i am not always online and only check the forum once in a while feel free to join the discord server. Lots of people can help you there if you are stuck and you can message the developers of this as well (please no unnecessary pinging).

The discord invite link:


Aura 1.06.17:
Latest Aura:
Jacknet Sync:
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