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Old 10-09-2018, 11:34 AM
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Default HX650w (6 yr old) cable help

Hi guys.
I have a problem that I wondered if you could help me out With.

I have an old computer from back in 2012 With a HX650w PSU.
Im gonna buy a new computer in a year or so, but before that time I wanted to do a little gaming, with minimal Investment, to which I just needed a New GPU, so I bought a second-hand Geforce 970 GTX.

My problem now is that I lack the proper cables to Connect the GPU to the PSU, because the computer is old, and the Box/GPU and all that stuff was lost in some move a while back. And the GPU I had didnt require cables.
So now im at a loss to how to most easily get a hold of these. There are only a few computer-building shops in town, and none of them had these laying around, because they belong to such an old type of PSU I Guess.

Im guessing im gonna have to try get these online somewhere. I rather want to avoid buying a Whole new PSU just for this purpose. On the other hand, I live in Norway, and it is usually problematic to get Ebay to ship here fast (usually it takes 4-6 weeks or something). So I might end up just buying a new PSU.

And apparently, you need very specific cables depending on whether you have a Corsair, or some other PSU (?)
The Geforce 970 GTX has only 2 outputs, both 6-pin. My PSU has 2x 6pin slots, and 5x 4-pin beneath that (1 in use).

So I have a couple of questions regarding this:
1) What are the specific name of the cables I need for this?
(for ebay/amazon-searches)
I.e.. are they 6-to-6pin.. are they 6 to 6+2.. are they called something in
particular? etc.

2) And will any With a certain kind of form do - or are the Corsair HX650w
compatible ones indeed unique?

3) If I end up buying a new PSU - how can I be certain they will include the
specific kind of cables I need? (that fit With the 2x 6-pin outputs on the 970
GTX) -- What to look for on the Box?

And bare in mind guys, im an amateur at this. Words like 6+2, SATA, PCI-e etc. doesn't make that much sense to me, so if you can, include a small explanation.

Beforehand, thanks,
I know it must be boring to answer questions about 6 year old PSU-GPU cable issues to some hardware-amateur. :p
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Old 10-16-2018, 03:21 PM
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Hey there, hoofbite, can identify which HX650 you have by the side label? They do use specific cables between the versions.

If you have this one:
You'll want these cables:

If you have this version HX650:
Then you'll want this cable:
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970 gtx, cables, ebay, gpu, hx650

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