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Old 06-15-2017, 04:13 AM
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Default Going for K70 rgb rapidfire over logitech g810

Hello everyone. I'm new to forum. Playing games since I was 6 :) in 20 years I have used a lot of desktop and laptops but first time I have built a rig lately.

But I want to ask about something else. I am using logitech g810 for 6 months. It's good but doesn't have a handwrest and sometimes buttons of it comes squishy to me. I mean sometimes it doesn't detect when I press to half way but sometimes it does.

Toms guide and some other sites advice K70 rgb rapidfire at all. Should I get it over g810? And why. Thanks.
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Old 06-20-2017, 06:09 PM
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I had been a longtime Logitech user before switching over to a K70 LUX Rapidfire. I loved my prior keyboard and didn't think I wanted anything else. The K70 LUX is going to have slightly wider keys and is better for larger hands. I would not have noticed by looking, but now trying to type on a 710+ or an 810 is almost comical.

If you are interested, the lighting options on the K70 greatly exceed what you can do with the Logitech gaming engine. There is a combination of pre-programmed stuff if you are not interested, it takes 20 seconds to make basic 1-2 color profile, and the advanced stuff is incredibly intricate. Thankfully there are others who share their profiles here so you don't have start from scratch. Looking at their profiles in CUE is probably the fastest way to understand how it works.

There is always something to be said for brand loyalty, but I got over it pretty quick.

The trickier element is the switch type. I don't particularly like the "Romer keys", but I was also a mess when I first got the speed keys. You will adapt and I likely would adjust to the Romer. Just be forewarned, it does take some adjustment. You need a light touch and if you just have to lean on the keyboard with your fingers, you are going to have issues. Oddly, this was a selling point for me and it mandated that I stop pressing so hard and banging away. I am much lighter on the keys now and my hands and fingers are thankful.

I see this as an upgrade, but this is always user specific. If there are any stores nearby that carry the Corsair line, it might be worth the trip. Even if they just have a Strafe, they keys are more or less the same and you can get a rough feel for it.
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Old 06-22-2017, 09:44 PM
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I think the two main selling points for me between the G810 or the K70 are the fact that Corsair uses name brand switches, versus Logitech's in house model, and otherwise purely aesthetic.

I'm not saying that the Romer-G's are bad. I've tried them out on a demo board at WalMart, and they feel solid enough. Like C-Attack said, though, switching between them is going to feel very different. I came from a cheap plastic Rosewill board with Cherry MX Blacks, and switching to the K70 Rapidfire was a completely different experience. Switching to an entirely different switch will probably be even more drastic, although I do feel that a lot of my experience had to do with the quality of the boards more than the switch used.

I was considering the 810 before I went with the K70. I could have gotten used to either board, but ultimately my decision was made on the way they look. I like the clean, sophisticated look of the K70, I have since they first came out. The Logitech G-series peripherals just seem too "game-y" to me. The dedicated macro keys do nothing for me, I don't care for how their logo sits and I liked the key spacing better on the K70 than the 810. All personal preference.

Your best bet is to go to a store with at least the two keyboards you're considering, and test them both (and whatever else is available) out. Keyboards are a very personal choice, and they should be researched very thoroughly, especially at this price point.
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