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Old 01-24-2018, 05:48 AM
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Default Corsair One Pro 1080 TI Problematic

Currently on my second Corsair One in under a week. Not what I expect from a $4000.00 desktop after taxes (Canadian). First one kept shutting down, so it was exchanged (retailers physically seen it happen), and now the one I currently have keeps dropping signal to my monitor randomly. This is a brand new monitor that has worked perfectly fine using a Mac Pro for 2 weeks. I plug the Corsair One into the monitor and I get problems. The Corsair One will remain on, but at random times it will shut off my monitor saying, "no signal" (last time it did this I had Steam open with no activity, and was attempting to watch a video on itunes - monitor shut off each time I opened a video for 3 cycles of having to manually turn it off and on again before it finally started working - I guess temporarily for how long who knows? It didn't matter how many times I click on the mouse or keyboard, the monitor picture was just not coming back on. The only way to temporarily resolve this issue as it happened, was by manually turning off the Corsair One, and then turning it back on again. Occasionally as well, I will also get a blue screen at random for a second (this has happened a few times). I have managed to record on video the Corsair One dropping signal to the monitor, and the blue flash screen on my most recent of happenings. Given that I had this bought this under a week ago, I'm not looking for repairs at 3 to 4 weeks, that would be ludicrous!!! maybe 6 months down the road, but not a 5 days old computer. I have read some stuff in the forms on certain recalls similar to my issues I've been experiencing, which I'm now wondering if I'm falling into that category. None the less at $4000.00 this just goes beyond words of frustration and trying to keep my faith in your products when I'm on unit 2 in under a week. Now I have to go back to a store AGAIN that has a very strict return policy and let them know I got issues with this one - even with video proof I'm sure I'm in for a headache! This is one of those stores that loves getting customers to pay restocking fees whenever possible - so a 15% restocking fee on broken crap with video proof, but if it doesn't happen to them in store guess what im paying!! Thanks Corsair for you high quality grade product......Maybe a little quality control with your products before retail stores get them?

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Old 01-24-2018, 03:12 PM
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Hi Paul1978,

We are terribly sorry that you are experience these issues with your CORSAIR ONE Unit. We would be more than willing to help resolve your unit's problem should you decide to send your unit in through our RMA service.

You can set up a support ticket here:
Once you have your support ticket #, PM me and I will have a rep take care of you.

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