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Old 05-30-2004, 08:34 PM
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Question please help me with K8V SE and Corsair Twinx1024 3200LL


I've seen the forum and I am quite new in this and I hope you guys can assist me with surtain bios settings.

I have just bought Corsair's Twinx1024-3200LL and I am a bit confused about the settings in this new board. I am a beginner/intermedian user so please bear with me. I have the following system specs:

ASUS K8V SE Deluxe (BIOS version 1003)
Antec Truecontrol 550W
AMD Athlon 64, 3400+
Twinx1024-3200LL (2x 512 MB, a memory in slot 1 and 3) version 1.2
ASUS V9950 Ultra, Geforce FX 5900 Ultra 256 MB
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Adaptec ASC-29320 SCSI Ultra320 controller
4x Seagate Cheetah 15K RPM, 40 GB each, running in RAID 0

I hope this is sufficient. I have the following BIOS settings (I know are incorrect) but with these settings I get a score of 5841 points in 3D Mark 2003 and I know it should be more then that with these specs. I don't understand. ok I'll begin with memory configuration. I don't know the shortage of surtain things so I'll just write what I can:

Memclock mode: [limit]
Memclock to CPU Ratio [1:1 (DDR 200)] (the system won't boot if I set this to 2:1 (DDR 400) you'll see soon why maybe.. but it should be DDR400 right? I mean it's dual channeled.

Bank Interleaving: Auto
CAS Latency: 2.0
TRC: auto
TRFC: auto
TRCD: 2 clk
TWR: auto
TRWT: auto
TRAS: 5 clk
TRP: 2 clk
DDR Clock delay: auto

ok and in jumperfree configuration I have the following

CPU FSB Frequency = 200 Mhz
CPU voltage adjust none
DDR Voltage: 2.8V
AGP voltage: 1.5
v-link: 2.5V (I don't know what this does so I just leave it be)
performance mode: Turbo

please note: if I put the Memory clock to CPU ratio to DDR 400 without changing the performance mode the system won't boot. if I change the settings to 2-3-2-6 and the performance mode to auto it would boot, but would get a performance drop of 1000 points in 3D mark 2003.

sorry for the extensive details. my English is not so great and I am just starting to understand the situation. so my questions are..

1. what should be set in Memory clock to CPU ratio without losing performance
2. what is the best setting (from top to bottom in memory configuration) for best results.. I could leave it to DDR 200 but why?
3. has anyone else got the same problems? what causes this.

request: please sent a mail if anything adds up. (detailed plz)

once again sorry for the long message.

kind regards,


Last edited by PrimusX; 05-31-2004 at 11:16 AM. Reason: the subject was unapropriet
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Old 08-13-2004, 11:34 AM
blaker4393 blaker4393 is offline
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I'm having this same exact problem Primus. I wish someone would write a comprehensive fix for it that we beginner/intermediate users could understand.
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Old 08-13-2004, 11:53 AM
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Unfortunately, I don't have a system comparable to yours so my knowledge is a bit limited. However, I am an admin at and there are some great guys over there that may be able to offer some assistance. Have look around in the AMD section and post there if you like. I will consult some of my AMD buddies and see if we can give you a hand.

Good luck, Mike.
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Old 08-13-2004, 01:27 PM
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1. What should be set in Memory clock to CPU ratio without losing performance?
Answer: Should be set to 2-1 for DDR400!
2. What is the best setting (from top to bottom in memory configuration) for best results.. I could leave it to DDR 200 but why?
Answer: Please see bellow for the settings to use! And I would leave the performance mode at AUTO!
3. Has anyone else got the same problems? What causes this?
Answer: 3D Mark is just testing the video not over all system performance, so if you are going for the fastest Video score then I would use the settings that give the best setting! However, I would also suggest you run some other bench marks to test memory and over all system performance to get e better understanding of the changes that you are making! Everest 1.1 and Sy-Soft would be good applications to use as well!

The MB you have is not dual channel and I would suggest you get the latest beta bios as well 1.004 Beta 4 or newer, and the suggested settings for the modules you have would be as follows:
With this MB I would suggest you set the Rass to Cass to "3" so I would set these timings and then set the Dim Voltage to +2.7 Volts:
CPU Ratio 2:1
Dim Voltage: 2.7
System performance: Auto or Standard
CAS Latency CL=2.0
Row Cycle Time tRC Bios Default
Row Refresh Cyc Time tRFC Bios Default
Ras# to CAS# delay tRCD 3
Row to Row delay Bios Default
Min Ras# Active Time tRAS 6
Row Precharge Time tRP 2
Write Recovery Time Bios Default
Write to Read delay Bios Default
Read to Write Delay Bios Default
Refresh Period tREF Bios Default
Enable 2T Timing Disabled
Then test the system with and make sure it's stable! If you have problems, I would set Enable 2T Timings to AUTO and test it again!
Support accounts and tickets can be created at
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