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Old 10-01-2019, 08:08 AM
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Default Dimm Isssue/Compatibility

hey guys im kinda stuck
I bought Corsair 32GB(4x8GB)CMT32GX4M4Z3200C16 Dominator Platinum RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM
for my new 9900k last week and hero maximus xi wifi
I booted up fine with the 4 sticks pluged in the first couple of times. (maybe 2)
started to get freezes after windows install. (any walk away idle killed the computer). found it hard to get bios even downloaded. didn't have it on hand. managed to update bio's by using a2b2 dimm slots to get past qq codes. systems would boot over and over again to start up. with the 4 dims plug in. PC4-25600. a2b2 xmp profiles worked.

still having trouble booting with 4 dims
vrm light stays on atm with 4 dim boot. wont boot, at default.
360 aio watercooler.

few questions if any1 could help me anz, I saw this site list

Corsair 32GB(4x8GB)CMT32GX4M43200C16 Dominator Platinum RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM

with out the Z in CMT32GX4M4>>>Z<<<3200C16

is that the same as mine Corsair 32GB(4x8GB)CMT32GX4M4Z3200C16 Dominator Platinum RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM

or is the Z ment for Amd question mark ? lol noob question. now that's outer the way.

and would the default no xmp for my hero maximus xi be SPD 2666MHz

cpu z say on slot 2 jedec# 16,17,18 1333mhz are cl18, 18, tras 43 and 3200 1600mhz at 36

18-18-18-43, would this be acceptable. ?

or should I, try turn off xmp and play around with the cpu overclocking setting, also im kinda new to oveclocking. but I found a few overclock tut's

say that if I turn off xmp. overclock cpu core volt, vccio voltage and cpu system agent for hi ram speeds. then shut down and plug in the ram. and then turn on xmp. would this work. or even be safe.

I don't under stand why I cant use the 4dimms, its only 3200mhz.

anyway any help would be grateful thx in advanced.
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Old 10-01-2019, 08:40 AM
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Apparently for your kit, the default values are 2666 18-18-43 and it lists multi-platform compatibility. It should work at 3200. However, XMP is just a preset collection of values. There is nothing special about it. So if you can't boot with it, turn it off. You may never use it since it only has value at exactly those settings.

However, if the kit won't boot after you clear the CMOS, then there may be a greater issue. A Hero XI should be able to run any of these things easily, so there may be some odd issue with that specific RAM model. Auto settings for IO, SA, voltage, and everything else should boot every time at 2666. Set the frequency manually to 2666, set 18-18-43-T2 in the DRAM timings sub-menu, leave VCCSA and VCCIO on auto for now. Voltage is 1.35 for the 2666 speed.

I don't know the meaning of the "Z" vs not the seemingly identical non-Z kit. You will need someone from Corsair or with specific knowledge for that. I do think it should boot at default cleared settings, so when it doesn't it seems like you are starting a bad relationship. Anything that sensitive at those settings is going to be really prickly elsewhere. I would try something different. My 4x8GB 3600C16 kit can run all over the place on a Code X and Formula XI, so it's not Dominator RGB per se.
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Old 10-01-2019, 07:11 PM
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Yeah still thinking what to do mite try and return it. If It's not workin 18 18 18 43 doesn't feel site but then I don't really know
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