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Old 02-24-2017, 04:27 PM
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Default H100i GTX increasing temps / RMA?

Ive had my H100i GTX on my x99 build for about 18 months and over the last 6 months the temps have gradually increased despite the "more" I do to improve those temps or get temps back to normal/original .

Build :
5930k @ 4.4 1.245v
Corsair H100I GTX with ML fans
Asrock x99 OC formula 3.1
Zotac AMP 1080
Corsair 780T case with ML fans
Windows 10 (up to date)
Corsair Link (up to date)

18 months ago the cooler worked great with my cpu at the above overclock , pump at low setting/stock fans at about 1100/1500rpm , radiator working well when needed , pump noise was dead quite . Full cpu load about 65c .

About 6 months ago cooling temps started rising slightly for no apparent reason . I decided to change/redo the tim (mx4) and that seemed to work . About 6 weeks later temps rising slightly again , so I went and installed Corsair ML fans all around on the cooler and 780T case , temps improved but not back 100% (to what was normal for me) . Later still , once again I had to combat higher temps from coming back by upping the pump from low to high (the pump's now at 100% full speed) just to keep temps in check again either at idle and/or high cpu usage (for my system norm) ; and again this helped/worked for months .... untill this last week .
This last week my temps have now skyrocketed to where even on a standard pc boot up the pc with freeze or bluescreen due to temps hitting 85c . Since then my temps are crazy even at an idle , and even running a decent cpu usage of 35-50% is now cause for concern . Running any cpu stability test (Intel Utility/ Aida64/etc ) at this time is out of the question now .

Also to note about my H100i GTX : the pump does seem to work and does not squeal , girgle or have a bubbling sound , but the standard pump "swish" sound has gotten progressively louder . Probably the biggest problem is the radiator is always cool and NOT dissipating any heat like it used to , even after the pc's been on for hours at at time the rad is definitely too cool/cold when running the cpu hard . Seems like the pump maybe going , but more so a possible lack of liquid or clog somewhere as water temps are always a minimum of 40c+ even at idle . (I did reposition the pc a few different times in different ways to clear out any possible air pockets)

Too make a long story short , Ive now had to reduce my overclock and its voltage almost to stock just to have the pc run at all , let alone run at somewhat acceptable temps . No matter what Ive done in the past or recently to combat the climbing temps , things have progressively gotten worse . So imo Iam looking at an rma ?

The next screen(s) should help see what Iam experiencing at an idle and when running a standard program , screens were taken when pc was well warmed up/on for a minimum of two hours with ambient temp about 70f/22c ...
Attached Images
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Old 02-24-2017, 06:13 PM
c-attack c-attack is online now
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It looks like you have a developing partial blockage that restricts the coolant flow through the cooler. This usually happens around the pump strainer, but you have to open it up to be sure. Regardless of the actual cause, I do think you need to start the RMA.

Your idle coolant temperature (H100i GTX Temp) is above 40C. In a 22C room you should not be able to reach that coolant temperature at your settings without some fairly serious additional heat source (980 Ti x 2, etc.) Since it is still way up there at idle, additional GPU heat does not seem to be a factor. It is also possible to stack the deck against yourself through environmental restraints. Putting the entire case into a confined corner, cabinet, heavy dust filters, bad case design, or some combination of all of the above can lead to higher than expected idle coolant temps. However, the progressive worsening does not fit that type of scenario and I doubt the first does either. The only other thing that comes to mind is an unintentional restriction of the H100i GTX voltage. This can happen on a BIOS flash if you don't set that header back to 12v/PWM/disabled or however you board describes a permanent 12v supply.

For comparison, I am running similar hardware, albeit with a a slightly larger H110 280mm radiator up top. In a 22C room at 4.5@1.275v, I would have a coolant level of 23-24C. You could tack on another degree or two for the smaller radiator, but that is the expected range -- about 2-4C over ambient case temperature at idle. Now that I am running my GPU on a radiator as well, the coolant will sit at room temperature all the time on both radiators when at idle. 40C+ is beyond my load coolant levels.

When you start the RMA, make sure you include the screen shots and the relative room temperature. That is the red flag something is wrong with the cooler and not a different kind of problem.
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Old 02-24-2017, 06:15 PM
thenachobro thenachobro is offline
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Just a warning. If you do the RMA and then find out your CPU was damaged due to the malfunctioning cooler, you will be stuck as they require the original cooler along with the rest of your system to file and complete a damage claim. I had that cooler completely malfunction and when I troubleshot it, it was pump failure. During the troubleshooting process I turned on the computer to check temp and I thought I was good. But when I did the RMA and was approved for a refund, I bought a new CPU cooler (thermaltake) and when I installed it the computer would only get to the bios for about 20 seconds then freeze. After troubleshooting and everything it was determined that the CPU was damaged. BUT since I already sent in my cooler and they won't be able to find it in their warehouse, I am out the cost of my CPU. So if I were you, make sure your CPU never gets above 85 degrees and if it does, consider filing a damage claim. Unless you want to be stuck like chuck.
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