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Old 09-17-2020, 01:50 AM
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Default H150i temp

Hello i bought h150i pro cooler to replace my h45 for better temps on my 9600k.After 5 months of usage i saw that on room temp 28C my coolant temp is about 34-38C.My cpu temp stock reaching 49-52C when with h45 max temp was 45C.I bought the h150i so i can handle an oc but during seeing these temps i realize that h150i is not even capable to keep my stock clock speed on low temp.Is this normal?If i install the ml120 with higher fan speed like 2400rpm would have better performance?H45 was running on 3200rpm comparing h150i that run max on 1600rpm and also i saw pump speed on h150 is max 1400rpm instead of h45 that had 2800rpm.
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Old 09-17-2020, 09:25 AM
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34-38C H150i Temp (coolant temperature) is about the expected range for a 28C room temp and the average user is +4-7C above room temp. The exact position of your radiator, intake vs exhaust, and room position of the case (under a desk, next to the AC, etc) all play roles as well. Your H45 did not have a coolant temp sensor as far as I'm aware, so this is a new metric for comparison.

Obviously end CPU temp is something else you are looking at. Remember that will be additive with room temperature changes, just like everything else in the case. Nobody every shows up here in the dead of winter thinking their coolant temps are too high. It's mostly in Summer when room temps go up that people start to wonder. I live in a temperate climate zone and my Winter peak coolant temp after hours of load is less than my idle temp in Summer. That's just how it is with a room temp of 28C vs 18C.

Often you can get a smaller surface area radiator like a 120/240mm radiator to give approximately the same end CPU temp as a larger 280/360mm radiator. It just takes consistent high fan speed to get there. Buying a 360mm won't allow you make your CPU temp run at 20C all day long. It will allow you to get similar or better temperatures with far less fan speed. You upgrade to the 360mm so you don't have to run 3000 rpm fan speeds. I would not buy higher speed fans yet, unless there is another reason to do so.

One thing you may want to do now is check on the pump speed. The "Pro series" coolers come with an ultra low "Quiet" speed pump setting of ~1100 rpm that is not available on other coolers. This is fantastic for quietly doing desktop work, but it is most definitely below the normal bar for performance measurements. You are going to want to move it up to balanced (~2160 rpm) before initiating long duration loads, gaming, CPU renders, etc. That will make a clear and noticeable different to load coolant temperature.
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