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Old 06-15-2019, 01:16 PM
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Default icue 3.16 is just as broke as the rest

so i have the corsair h115i cooler and the m65 rgb elite mouse and a corsair k70 mk2 keyboard and also the original k70 rapidfire and with icue open every thing is cool for like two minutes just as long as im not doing anything or touching my if i start a game and it doesn't matter what game either.all hell breaks loose for some reason my k70 rapidfire just doesn't work at all and it begins to highlight stuff on my desktop and spam the delete option or it'll just stay off and give me the 3 lights for scroll lock num lock and caps lock.then if i unplug it and move it to a new USB it'll work again for like two minutes until i open up a web browser or game and it'll crash to hell and the k70 mk2 works fine except for icue when its open and im start any game my keyboard has ghost touch happening or super laggy response or just locks up in general until i close icue completely then i have zero issues with any of my devices.however when i close icue i then begin to have fan ramp up speeds and slow down speed repeatedly when im playing a game or basically icue cause my new keyboard to ghost press buttons or lock up or lag and it also has broken my old k70 rapidfire to the point that the update wont even install unless i switch usbs like 5 times then it'll update and still freak out.the only thing that doesn't have a issue is my mouse which will sometimes lock up the lighting link with the keyboard sometimes and ill have to close icue then reopen it for everything to work again.with out icue running i have no issues other then my 70 rapidfire still highlights stuff and tries to delete it at random times.i think it needs a update or something tho cause it worked great for 3 month on the 3.15 of icue and then they updated it and everything spazzed out.i have also opened up three support tickets and its been over a week and have not gotten a response from corsair as to if i can send my k70 rapidfire in for repairs or rma or seems as if they really dont know what to do and chose to try and make the warranties run out or something.

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Old 06-16-2019, 03:12 AM
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Not entirely sure where you are but in the US its typically that if you open a ticket up about a problem even a day before the warranty runs out, you are covered for that problem.

Now just to take some wind out of peoples sails here, I will present you with the standard 'Do you even know what you are doing?' questions:

Uninstalled ICue with Revo then reinstall?
Have you considered Steam is the problem?
Are you running any other monitoring software?
You must have spilled something on it, didn't you?
Set up a ticket with Corsair about this.

And my personal favorite:

They are aware of this and it is a high priority, (right behind more features, less stability, and piling up even more issues on top of others)

Now if your answers to those are:

Did you read what I said?
Really? You're trying to blame me?
I have
I have, in fact if you read more closely I said I have opened several
&(*^&% $%!^&#!!!!!

Then my only suggestion to you is to take the gloves off. As they just updated their ticket system internally there is a chance they lost them in the kerfuffle. But then again you mentioned creating the tickets several times over a week ago and the update happened in the last several days sooooooo.....


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