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Old 01-03-2012, 05:22 PM
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Default Force Series - OSX Hibernation issue status


Can anyone tell me the status of the issue with the Apple Macbook Pro hibernation issues on OSX?

Some time ago I've heard that Sandforce had released a firmware with a fix for that, and at that time Corsair didn't had a firmware update. I've now seen a 2.4 version to the Force Series - is that fixed?

Thank you
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Old 01-11-2012, 09:07 PM
dhk- dhk- is offline
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My dear dicarsio,

It seems the Corsair guys are not too eager to answer your question, even though they know the answer. Wonder why?

Short answer to you question: FW 2.4 may be the solution, but unfortunately, you happened to choose the wrong OS platform.

Longer version: I asked the Ram Guy, and got this answer:

"Dear Dag Henning,
The firmware update version 2.4 is the correct firmware for your SSD. However, the updater will not work on mac OSX, you will need to perform the update using a PC. The only other option would be to disable suspend disk. I would also make sure you have the latest updates to your machine from apple.

Ram Guy"

I feel like posting my answer here too, as it might (or might not) resonate with the emotions of other computer owners:

"Hi, thanks for the answer -

And what a fabulous answer! Yes, of course I will go out and buy a pc system, take out the hard disk from it, ditto on my machine, mount my fantastic corsair product in the pc, do the fw update, unmount from the pc, mount back onto my Mac, and mount the pc's disk back in, before trying to sell the pc on the second hand market.

What you're saying is that Corsair ssd's are not compatible with Mac, and you're not supporting OS X. Fine. Now, why didn't I get this message before I bought the drive? Did I not do a thorough research on the official Corsair website? Yes I did, and the product site says: "Compatible — Proven technology with installations on tens of thousands of systems worldwide". Did you just forget to test on a Mac? Because this product has *never* worked as intended on Mac - unless your intention was to reliably panic the kernel when waking from safe sleep.

And why is there no mention on the firmware update page that it doesn't work on a Mac, when, clearly, you are aware of the issue?

Now, I can understand that you're ashamed of your efforts, especially vs Mac. But it would come out better if you state upfront that you don't support OS X. A pissed off customer is a lot worse than a non-customer. I will never ever again buy any Corsair product, and will warn all the potentional customers I can that Corsair is a highly untrustworthy company. This means on relevant discussion forums, and maybe some mac-oriented websites might find interest in you lack of commitment to mac users as well.

Dag Henning"
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Old 01-12-2012, 01:18 AM
dicarsio dicarsio is offline
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Thumbs down


That seems to be the correct answer. Corsair guys should have more appreciation for their customers as their product are not a low end ones, I guess.

You're also right regarding unsatisfied custumers. Recently I've made a fairly big purchase on behalf of a friend, and I did go to Intel because I'm not very satisfied with Corsair support. I have made a purchase for his 13 company PCs.

I guess if corsair don't move and improve their customer support, it will degrade even further.

I can remove my disk and update the firmware to 2.4 on a PC, but here's the question: it solves the problem?

To corsair, in certain countries, you would get sued or misleading your customers.

Yours truly.
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Old 01-25-2012, 07:29 PM
dicarsio dicarsio is offline
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Let me share my experience updating a Force Series firmware on OSX, and spare some people some time to research that.

- Use Boot Camp Assistant to create a Windows Partition, and install Windows 7 (you need Windows 7 DVD/Memory stick in order to do that)
- Download the firmware + update tool
- Run the application as Administrator and update the firmware.
- Run boot camp again in order to remove the windows partition. In order to select the OSX boot, use option key when booting your Mac.

That should take you about 1.30h.

Unfortunately, due to lack of information here, I took about 4 hours to figure that, after removing the disk and tried on a PC - but it didn't work, only detecting my other Corsair SSD drive..
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firmware update, hibernation issue, mbp, osx

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