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Old 01-08-2020, 12:52 PM
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Default Forums experience from one user

OK so first this was strangely just posted as I am about to post about these forums feeling the like the internet 25 years ago :
So. I logged on because I am building a system for a loved one for whom this Corsair solution was her ONLY choice.

So I purchased some things for her - each requiring additional purchases.. Corsair has milking it down to a science... Literally the cables they omit from a Power Supply offering to fans in cases etc. so I came here seeking help thinking that my problem might simply just require 20$ more to solve, which at this point in the ordeal I was willing to do.

So I created an account, click subsequent activation link and then even posted a few times yesterday on the forums. Later yesterday afternoon I returned home to add something to the forum post and it spat back that my password was incorrect, which was odd since I saved it into the browser I was using, but none the less I entered it manually.. Wrong - Password incorrect. I am now at 2 of 5 logins and access will be disabled for 15 minutes. I am trying to get RGB working not access social security account data right? but anyway. I click on the reset password link, I enter my email address and it emails me my username and password and a link to change my password, which I click on and then proceed to enter the provided username and password information in the fields - WRONG - I have now used 3 of 5 login attempts and will be locked out.

So I call the 800 number and listen to 7 options before being offered ' for help with your online account' I push it and wait 5 or 8 minutes whatever not a long time but not short either and nice gentleman answers the phone and upon describing my issue to him he PUTS ME ON HOLD for another 10 minutes, returns to tell me he has sent an email to another person and should take a couple hours for a response and he will get back to me -


Password reset?

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Old 01-08-2020, 06:38 PM
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I've tested the forum and the password reset steps do work. Do you have a pop up blocker enabled?
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