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Old 04-23-2018, 02:42 AM
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Default K95 Platinum, Unable to Detect/Restore Hardware Profiles


Initially, when I installed the first early-access release of the iCUE software, it would detect my keyboard hardware profiles and replace/import them into iCUE. Now, with the latest update (v3.1.133) I am unable to detect nor restore the default on-board hardware profiles for my K95 Platinum keyboard. All I want to do is restore the factory Rainbow Spiral effect so that it matches all of the rest of my Corsair peripherals during reboot and other activities where iCUE control is not being used. To be clear, the software profiles that I have custom created work as intended and under the new software I am able to have very powerful command over the LED lighting of ALL of my Corsair devices, which is simply fantastic, REALLY enjoying iCUE apart from this problem!

I have tried:
1. Clearing onboard storage (through Settings tab in iCUE). This did not initiate the expected restoration of the factory hardware profiles.
2. Attempted creating a manual software profile, but can no longer find the option to write the profile to the onboard hardware storage on the keyboard like I was able to in the prior version.
3. Full re-installation of iCUE (after destruction of ALL registry and appdata traces of Corsair Utility Engine).

Could anyone tell me the trick on how to wipe out and fully factory restore the hardware profiles on my keyboard? I'm at a loss here, and asking the community for advice before I raise a lengthy support case with the Corsair support team. My concern is that the onboard storage tables have been corrupted and are no longer usable without Corsair actually sending me a replacement keyboard to correct my issues.

Thanks in advance,
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Old 04-23-2018, 08:18 AM
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1) I don't think that clearing the onboard storage will restore the factory hardware profiles.
2) To create a hardware profile for the K95, select the K95 as the active device in iCue, then click the "+" a the top of the Profiles screen to create a new profile. You should then have the option to create a hardware profile.
3) I don't think that re-install will change anything.
Please click "Edit System Specs" and fill out your system info.

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Old 04-23-2018, 12:57 PM
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To reset the hardware profiles on the K95, unplug both cables and hold the Escape key while plugging in the keyboard. Keep it held for a couple seconds before lifting, and having CUE closed while this is going on can help. Once your keyboard starts showing rainbow again, or after 30 seconds if it doesn't replug.
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Old 04-23-2018, 01:53 PM
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For posterity and for providing more troubleshooting options for the rest of the iCUE early adopters, I went ahead and tried both solutions suggested by DevBiker and xMacias.

DevBiker's solution, in particular #2, was the correct answer. I had added a new profile but as a software profile, and not selecting the radio button for a hardware profile instead which caused the new profile to only get applied once the Corsair Utility Engine background service starts running at OS load time. This locked me out of being able to save anything to the actual hardware storage. I also realized that in my haste to troubleshoot this, I had also went to the Settings pane and under the K95 device I had opted to clear the onboard storage which made my issue worse, and caused the keyboard to go solid red during reboot with the upper LED edge lighting showing all white (like when you enable BIOS compatibility mode on the device).

Hard-resetting the keyboard DID NOT restore the three original hardware profiles that came pre-loaded on the keyboard, but what it DID do was trigger iCUE to detect the new hardware profile I had previously created from DevBiker's solution, and imported it into iCUE accordingly. The original profiles were easy enough to recreate in just a couple of minutes following DevBiker's solution, so I'm all good to go now.

One unfortunate thing to note is that some of the cooler RGB lighting effects offered by iCUE software profiles are not available in hardware mode. Just something to keep in mind.

Thanks to DevBiker and xMacias for their help!

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