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Old 07-10-2019, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Corsair Hotpot View Post
Hello everyone,

While we have had reports of these issues with the K55, we have not been successful in reproducing the issue in house. We've used multiple different firmware versions, lot codes, and even did Failure Analyst with some customers having them send in their faulty unit to see if we could replicate this. I've been reaching out to customer to provide us with logs to see if it's a USB driver communication issue with certain Chipset or drivers out their but we haven't seen enough similarities. If you are still having the issue and haven't replaced you unit with a new K55 please PM me.
From my testing the issue with the latest firmware only occurs on my X99 system under Windows 10 while under Ubuntu Linux it's fine. My old X58 system is fine under both Windows 10 and Linux using the latest firmware.

The old firmware which I have linked in this thread fixes the issue under Windows 10 on my X99 system.

I have CSM disabled in the UEFI on my X99 system which means I am running in a pure UEFI mode, Secure Boot is also enabled.

Obviously the X58 system doesn't have a UEFI or secure boot so is running in legacy BIOS mode.
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Old 07-10-2019, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by simon.w View Post
This actually worked for me too. But then the K55 went into a connect-disconnect-loop in iCUE. I had to manually download an older version of iCUE (you can change the actual link that Corsair provides to a version of your liking) and then it worked. It's not a solution though, because the old firmware + software might get incompatible with future Win10 Updates.

I couldn't fix the issue, Corsair couldn't as well. They said, they would exchange the keyboard if they couldn't fix it, but just closed my ticket and didn't answer anymore. I bought a Logitech keyboard now - which works perfectly fine. I'll have to return the keyboard via Amazon, since Corsair didn't help me.
I'm glad it worked for you as others tried it and it said 'update failed' for them. I've been using the old firmware and it hasn't given me any problems and I'm not sure a Windows update would be likely to do so.
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Old 08-18-2019, 05:32 PM
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I registered here just to let everyone know that I was able to resolve the conflict between my K55 and Steam and my Xbox One controller by downgrading the firmware to v.10.18 (K55_APP_v1018), but now the left shift key inserts a pipe symbol ("|"). I cannot seem to find a way to rebind the key through the iCue control panel, or fix this binding issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I resort to trying a 3rd party keybinding app (short of throwing this piece of garbage through the window)?


EDIT: I seem to have resolved the problem, or at least it's working for now. At first I tried remapping the key using Travis Krumsick's KeyTweak tool, but that had no effect - using the left shift key typed a pipe symbol - "|". I also used iCue to record a macro action for the left shift key to press and release the right shift key, but that did not change anything. So I updated the firmware through iCue (it was originally v. 30.60, downgraded to v. 10.18, then back to v. 30.60), and now it's working. I can use the left shift key now without it typing "|", and use my Xbox one controller at the same time (specifically to play Rocket League through Steam).

This has been a huge issue for me because I just bought a brand new Thrustmaster T300RS GT racing wheel - and the wheel worked fine when I first set it up - but then I added the K55 and it caused my wheel to self-calibrate when it wasn't supposed to, and the wheel broke...stopped powering on entirely! This is not to say that it's entirely Corsair's fault that the TM failed completely after an unexpected recalibration, but it was certainly caused by the K55 conflict. Now I have to exchange my wheel for a new one and pray that the same thing does not occur. If it does, there can be no doubt that I will never use another Corsair product again.

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Old 09-24-2019, 03:14 AM
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OMG I found a fix. I went to ICue and did a "repair" in the installation menu and for some reason it seemed to have worked!

I can finally sleep well tonight
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Old 10-03-2019, 06:44 AM
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Same here and no Fix worked for me. Got an MSI Z97 Gaming 3 MoBo and Win 10. Ive got the 9c Error after the first time, i plugged in the K55 Keyboard.

Cold Boot: Stock on Error 9c. Pushing Reset while in Error will boot Win as normal.
Restart from Win: Will boot in Win as normal.

For Test, i downgrade the Firmware as mentioned in the Forum. Still Error 9c on Cold Boot.
I Upgrade the Firmware again to 30.08. Still c9 Error.
I disconnected my XBox 1 Controller Dongle. Still c9 Error.
I deinstalled EveryHere USB Driver (to share usb devices in my network). Still c9 Error.
Trying to repair the Installation of ICue. Still c9 Error.
Reinstall ICue. Still c9 Error.

Hope there is a Fix soon. Its not that hard to hit the reset Button at the first cold Boot, but that could be a mess for my Hardware?! Didnt try to play with my Controller or even my x55 Hotas yet, since i play thoose Games not that often.

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