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Old 11-09-2015, 11:56 AM
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Default Corsair VOID Wireless SE not showing in Playback/Recording Devices

Dear Corsair,

Two days ago I bought the Corsair VOID Wireless SE. Unfortunately, it has not worked how it should yet. This is what has happened in the last two days:

Upon delivery I unpacked everything, followed the instructions in the manual for connecting the dongle and headset, let Windows install all required drivers, installed CUE 1.11.85 (updating to 1.11.86 does not seem to work, but I read this new version does not modify any headset features) and updated the firmware on the headset and dongle to 33.00. During this process I restarted my PC when asked to do so several times. Note: before installing CUE, the headset was working normally and appeared in the sound manager. At this point however, the full features of the headset (lightning, Dolby, etc.) could not be utilized, so installing CUE was necessary.

At this moment I am able to switch the headset on. The headset is connected to the PC, the light on the dongle does not blink and I can see the firmware and dongle version, status and battery level in the CUE-software. The mute and power buttons on the headset are working and I get audio-feedback when pressing these. I am also able to change the lightning on the headset through CUE. So with that all done, I thought I had done everything to make this thing work like a charm.

Unfortunately, it does not.

I am encountering the following two problems:
1. The headset does not show in the playback/recording devices list in the sound manager of Windows.
2. In the control panel under devices and printers, Windows says that the headset requires problem solving (yellow triangle). Starting this problem solving does not fix anything, as Windows is not able to fix the problems.

As a result, the headset can not play any audio from my PC.

I have tried several solutions, like repairing the headset in the control panel, reinstalling CUE and forcing to update the firmware to disable bootloader mode. Nothing solved the problem.

My PC is running on Windows 7, service pack 1. As I browsed the Corsair Forum, the solution that was given to most people with similar problems was: update your Windows. To see if my Windows 7 was the problem, I tried to use the headset on my laptop with Windows 10. The headset is working without any problems on the laptop.

So as it appears, my Windows version is not able to display the headset in the sound manager, due to some sort of incompatibility with the CUE-software. As a result, I cannot use my headset to display the sound of my PC. To be honest, I find this quite absurd, given the fact that I paid a €140,- for this product of which the box says Windows 7 is supported. Then I have to spend about four hours of researching, reading the forums and other websites, finding the problem, trying to fix the problem and having achieved no progress. For me it seems to be like this: why does Corsair provide software with this product that disables it from being used on Windows 7, despite claiming that the product is compatible with the OS?

I hope you understand my frustration. Normally I can fix my computer problems without having to ask for help. This is just not what I expected from buying a product like this.

Anyway, I hope you can offer a solution to this problem. Currently all I know is to spend about €50,- on a new copy of Windows 10, which I think is not a very good solution. I thank you in advance for your attention, time and patience.
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Old 11-09-2015, 09:43 PM
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I have Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit. Here is what worked for me:

Go into Device Manager and find the items with the ! next to them. Right click, go to Properties, click Driver, and Uninstall. Then right click and Scan for Hardware Changes.

You can see it here:
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