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Old 11-10-2018, 08:38 AM
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Default Lighning Node Pro and Commander Pro issue?? also a few suggestions :D

Hi, i plugged my node pro into the corsair commander pro via usb... its working... but i noticed a few problems...

i noticed when i turn on icue (or autostart) all lights except the node pro turn off for a second and then turn back on with the icue profile kicking in...
why dont the node pro also turn of for a second??? could it be its inside the commander pro? i would like to try it with a different usb port?

also i noticed if u have the commander pro and the node pro u can not choose which device comes first... a option to change the order would be great! i hope ppl understand what i mean its not so easy to explain in english lol

i think it would be nice if the led strips would have the ability choose left or right direction not only both sided... there also is missing a inside or outside option if u choose both sided...

also for pong effect i noticed if your fans not turned the right way clockwise, it will go from left to right instead from top to bottom... a option to turn and change the order of the fans in icue would be nice!
this way we dont have to remount them just because they not turned the right way or mounted in a diffrent order.....this probably also is good for all other effects ...

ambilight effect for led strips - commander pro and node pro both could do it via icue and a screengrabber in the background... just check out nxzt or asus...

hardware profiles for all device - im not sure if possible with all devices but it would be cool

maybe a wlan controller with a nice icue app , to control the light from away...

here are more ideas i have... which people would like... specially nowadays with the rgb hype!

split keyboard with rgb keys and rgb underglow

rgb power supply

rgb qi mousepad

i know watercooling products are coming! :D great news!
distribution plates (with pump mounts and a reservoir) specially made for your cases would be awesome!!!! also rgb fittings :D and maybe rgb tubes :D
dont forgett slim radiators!!!! lets hope corsair will have stuff like ekwb..

12 ambilight monitor

would love to have 100percent corsair build! to bad motherboards and graphic cards probably will never be released from corsair....

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Old 11-10-2018, 09:21 AM
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I am not going to be able to tackle all of this, but lets start with #1.

Do you mean the fans attached to your LNP go the rainbow spiral while other devices go dark for a few seconds during boot? The flash to dark on my other hardware is rather brief, 1-2 seconds. I actually wish the fan lighting would stay off during the boot cycle until iCUE can load, but at this point I think the emphasis is on getting lighting playback control in place, and of of those options would be a 0,0,0 off state when the software is not running.

As for the individual behavior, I can't answer that. My hardware does not do the same thing each time. Sometimes the pump remembers its saved color. Others times it does not. Some fans will stay dark, others will light up. The ML fans have some sort of power on delay (running though the C-Pro). The HD fans do not. There are a lot of hidden parameters regarding individual device behavior.
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