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Old 09-24-2020, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Nikku1905 View Post
It's been a week since I contacted them but there was no reply. My whole designing work is on hold because of this I really need to buy a mouse and right now I am considering Logitech G305.
Seriously it's been a month and Corsair service center can't able to replace single peripheral! I have lost all the hope with this brand.
It was my first! and last! experience with this brand and will not recommend this brand to my family and friends
Also please do let me know a single person who keeps this much patience, who gave his device just after the delivery and again waited for 30+ days hoping to cooperate with the company fully.
Sorry for the delay you've been experiencing, Nikku1905. We are doing our best to address each and every ticket accordingly. The last thing we want is to hold you from your designing work. I'll be messaging you for your ticket # and to have it escalated.
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Old 09-25-2020, 04:59 AM
rowny rowny is offline
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Hi all. I registered to report the same issue. I don't understand why Corsair marks this thread as "Solved", since nothing is solved! The double click issue is still persistent. The only way to solve it was to downgrade to older firmware for the mouse and the dongle (0564 and 0549 respectively). However, the older firmware has different issues for me - sometimes the dongle does not wake up, and I have to unplug it and plug it back to get a connection.

I'm very disappointed that nobody is looking into the issue for months. It will literally take one guy to look into the firmware files for a day or two...You don't even have that many products, don't get away with the "high volume" excuse!
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Old 09-25-2020, 05:46 AM
Bonito77 Bonito77 is offline
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Hey hey. I also just registered to report this issue. It has persisted ever since I first bought the Corsair Harpoon, several months ago. It's utterly bewildering that this has been a known issue for around 6 months now and it still hasn't been addressed. I bought this mouse because I already owned the (admittedly excellent) K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard, and I was expecting the same level of quality in a Corsair mouse. Alas, such was not to be the case and this, along with the huge lapse in time for releasing a fix, has somewhat lowered my impression of Corsair.

That said, I'd like to elaborate on some things. My issue isn't limited to only the left or right mouse buttons. It can occur with any button on the mouse. At the moment, I'm experiencing the issue with the two side buttons, which I have assigned to "back button" and "forward button" in iCUE. Clicking either side button makes my browser page jump back in increments or decrements of two pages at a time (sometimes three pages at a time).

I followed other tutorials online for setting my buttons up in iCUE. That is, Remapping all mouse buttons and in "SETTINGS" choosing "REMAP/MOUSE BUTTON" and then selecting the appropriate radio button. Clicking ADVANCED and checking the "Retain original key output" box.

I get wildly inconstant results. If iCUE is not running, then the issue usually goes away. Sometimes when iCUE is running the issue goes away if I unplug the cord from the mouse and use it in wireless mode. Then after a while it comes back and plugging the cord in may or may not make the issue go away again.

Unplugging the cable from the mouse, also often seems to result in the mouse lighting locking in place with a random color (eg. not doing what it's set up to do in its iCUE profile). And the DPI toggle button's light will stay locked a green color. Clicking it will still cycle through DPI settings, but the DPI color remains locked on green.

It's all FUBAR, man.
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