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Old 12-03-2019, 03:27 AM
XRayAdamo XRayAdamo is offline
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Couple of things from me.
Only two days. Wanted to replace G933 because of the power button issue and two RMA already :)

- Sound was too low, but after flashing new firmware it is at good level.
- Bass - almost not existing. Comparing to G933 which has bass at the level when your head will shake :)
- 7.1? I think this is joke. After G933 it is almost nothing.
- Got crackling sound today when played game
- Disconnections for a couple of seconds during the game
- Too small for my ears.
- iCue crashed couple of times

+ Looks perfect!
+ hmm... have no idea what else

I have a lot of Corsair devices. Keyboard, liquid cooler, fans, led strips, case. Never has a single problem with any. iCue worked almost perfect . But after connecting Vistuoso (non Se) and new Ironclaw mouse (which I will return tomorrow since iCue lost connection to mouse and no buttons are working after that), all hell broke loose.

I do not know what to do.
* Tested different USB ports. Same
* Fully reinstalled iCue (lost about 10 profiles :( ) - nothing helped.

I did not expect such awful quality from Corsair! :(

Probably Virtuoso will be returned with Ironclaw at the same time! :(
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Old 12-03-2019, 11:26 PM
Aetherone Aetherone is offline
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Received my pair of SEs yesterday. Replacing a set of dodgy switch G933s.

The bad
1. they're a bit small. Or are they supposed to squish your head that firmly?
2. they're too small. Or are your ears supposed to touch the insides of the cups top & bottom?
3. They're heavy. Skip the aluminum and go for magnesium next time. Maybe machine it out a bit.
4. the headband padding is kinda thin and small. For heavy headphones it's an uncomfortable exercise in minimalism.
5. the fake leather just feels incredibly cheap. Plus if it's warm, you'll pool sweat inside the cups. This is gross and can't be good for their longevity. For $360AUD cans, see Sennheiser's crushed velvet for all-day forgot-I-was-wearing-them comfort.
6. the fake 7.1 sounds like resonant steaming garbage. Sure it widens the sound stage, but makes everything sound like you're in a steel bomb shelter with awful tinny flanging and muffled echoes. Absolute fail there.
7. some nasty variable electronic hums in the right cup when hitting high frequencies ~13-13.5khz while in wireless mode.

The good
A. they worked perfectly out of the box. Immediate detection and hookup, iCue firmware updates notified and happened no problems. Battery was even pretty well charged.
B. plain jane stereo mode sounds amazing. My current favorite sound test is the portals scene from Endgame. The orchestral sections, helmets unveiling heroes, weapons being drawn & cocked, it all comes through clearly and cleanly. But only in Stereo mode - fake 7.1 really makes it sound like messy jangling muffled reverberating crap.
C. decent external noise insulation.

Between the weight, the clamping, the sticky soggy plastic padding, these are not cans you can wear all day and forget about. Just a couple of hours is enough headache inducement for me. Frankly, the VOID Pros are better than this. You swung for the rafters Corsair, and missed by miles.
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Old 12-05-2019, 01:53 AM
zoglog zoglog is offline
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got these but ended up returning them. VERY disappointed in them.

LOVE the build quality, however I also got the hum at lower bass frequencies with distortion.

However the main deal breaker was constant pops and sound artifacts from the wireless. They were practically unusable.

I'd like to know when they resolve these issues because i'd like to give them another try but this was pretty sad.
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Old 12-12-2019, 03:51 AM
Sound Sound is offline
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I have problems with static noise on both wireless and wired.
To test this set 100% windows volume and spotify 5% volume and play any song.

This only happens with ICUE installed.
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