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Old 07-28-2019, 02:23 PM
cheetum cheetum is offline
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Default I have to reinstall iCue (and restart PC) twice a week

I recently purchased Nightsword RGB mouse and was initially very pleased with it as I usually am with Corsair products. Its comfortable and well designed... or so I thought.

I typically choose a mouse with extra buttons so that I can remap keys I use in games to the extra mouse buttons for easy access. I've done this for years and typically used razer or logitech mice and its always been no problem. It was time to buy a new mouse and I decided to give the Nightsword RGB a try as I have always been satisfied with Corsair products.

Until now. The extra buttons on this mouse regularly stop working and the only fix seems to be to reinstall the software and restart the PC. Even on profiles where the buttons arent remapped the side (forward/back/etc) buttons just stop working. I found this fix from posts that are from 2018 and older, apparently this is not a new issue with your software and still not fixed. This has been occurring twice a week to me and by the time I realized this was not just a one or two time issue and a common problem with corsair mice/software it was too late too return it. I deeply regret purchasing it and wish I had bought a logitech g502 instead. It doesn't fit my had as well as the Nightsword but at least I wouldn't have to reinstall the software and reboot every few days just so the buttons on the mouse work. Its extremely disappointing for an $80 mouse from a reputable manufacturer like Corsair.

Please fix your software. As someone who typically loves corsair products and has recommended them to friends (keyboards, headsets) I have had to change my tune due to this very frustrating issue.

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Old 07-29-2019, 12:41 PM
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Could you provide all your system specs? This shouldn't be happening and haven't noticed anyone mention this problem before. I can ask one of the testers who has that mouse to try to replicate the issue you are seeing. Does the problem occur randomly or is it something like after you reboot or sleep your machine? Does it happen in mid game?
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Old 07-30-2019, 03:32 AM
oz1sqt oz1sqt is offline
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well, he is not the only one
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Old 08-02-2019, 08:22 AM
Vlads9 Vlads9 is offline
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Yeah he is definitely not the only one. I've been having the same issue since I got the mouse about 2 weeks ago. It randomly resets the extra button mappings every few times I start up my pc. Restarting fixed it this time (I did also delete all the HW profiles in iCue if that makes a difference).

Honestly the whole interface for mapping buttons on mice in iCue is very non-intuitive. Having to make a new "action" and then pick a function, while also remembering what key to have it for seems like a lot of extra unneccesary steps when almost every other mouse manufacturer I've used has you selecting the button, and then picking the action for it. Just my two cents, but this issue with the buttons resetting is extremely annoying and I'm kinda tempted to return the mouse even tho I love the feel, weight and shape of it. iCue is just such a hassle to deal with for mice.
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Old 08-02-2019, 10:17 AM
c-attack c-attack is offline
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Originally Posted by Vlads9 View Post
Honestly the whole interface for mapping buttons on mice in iCue is very non-intuitive. Having to make a new "action" and then pick a function, while also remembering what key to have it for seems like a lot of extra unneccesary steps when almost every other mouse manufacturer I've used has you selecting the button, and then picking the action for it.
You can assign the unspecified new action to the button first and then create the macro/key reassignment/profile shift or whatever after if that is really your issue. I am not sure how you get around telling the program what key you want to bind it to or what action you like it to take.
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Old 03-13-2020, 10:05 PM
killt704 killt704 is offline
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I too have the same issues with my m65 pro rgb. My forward and back buttons do the same thing frequently usually a reboot will fix it but it will just do it again in due time. I must admit at least I can install the latest version of icue now and it runs. For awhile I had to install an old version for it to even open so I would have 2 corsair products that wouldn't do, anything. Thankfully they managed to fix the software, somewhat. I am still very disappointed in the icue software it's been more issues than hassle. And the fact that you can only use the visualizing setting with the lights with a corsair headset really was petty I thought. You have a long way to come with the icue software I love the quality of the physical products themselves from corsair but the software for a lack of better words sucks. Has anyone figured out a fix to this mouse button issue with the forward and back not working, usually in the middle of a league of legends match or a intense game of Mw2 never when I'm doing absolutely nothing does it happen. Only during the worst times imaginable.
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Old 03-15-2020, 09:06 AM
MarT1n71 MarT1n71 is offline
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Me too. Plus I have kind of gotten used to the folowing procedure to update ique:
Start ique
Click on update button
Lose all custom profiles on ironclaw mouse
See macro error message. Advised to repair ique
Download ique
Launch ique
Click repair
Unable to repair
Uninstall ique
Reinstall ique
Nothing works
Uninstall ique
Go though entire windows directory deleting all references to corsair
Rummage around in Windows Registry deleting all references to ique
Reinstall ique
Restart PC
Launch ique
Make new profiles for ironclaw
Continue to have to force quit and restart ique every two days for the rest of time.
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