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Old 05-23-2013, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Incriminated View Post
The interesting point is that you have the Force GS, what should SHOW 5.05a, not 5.05 and this tells me i was right when saying:
I guess the field showed in the update is just float int value
The tool simply cant show the a in 5.05a because its formated on the old-drive in only numbers allowed (no character-string), while the new drive with 5.05a from production may save the value as string.

Or simply the updater always writes new value to only 5.05 whatever it is 5.05a.
Actually, I think it's a text field, and I believe I've seen a screenshot or two showing 5.05a.

The RAID should work, since high likely both have 5.05a, because authentic 5.05 (non a-revision) would not support ForceGS chips / whatever 5.05 and 5.05a hold same functionality for different chips -> ensure you have same chips/drive.
Like Ram Guy said, they're identical in functionality but the difference is a tweak for the different NAND.
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Old 05-23-2013, 06:19 AM
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Originally Posted by lsi View Post
Software vs hardware RAID is mostly irrelevant when you are talking about simple RAID-0 (what people are usually doing with SSDs) & RAID-1 (likely done on a server) as there are no parity calculations involved. There should be no significant overhead
On a raid 5 you wont need any parity calculations too. you need to calculate parity, when a disk fails and you have to replace a disk. In that case the Hardware-Controller or the CPU rebuilds the bits of the missing Disk by comparing the checksum per block with the parity-bit.

What you say, still, is totally wrong. Writing in a FW-Raid0 with the CPU at say 500mb/s takes a part 500mb/s bandwith of the CPU-caches/memory-subsystem-bandwith OVERALL, that means L1,L2,L3, Memory can operate at a bandwith that is 500mb/s slower than before...why, because it's busy a little with read/writing the SSDs... whatever no "calculation" is involed. Simple as that. If you still know what PIO-Mode is and what advancement DMA-mode gave... you would not like to call every write/read with the CPU... please learn some on the topic!

There is no calculation, there is a processor calling a read/write-instruction. The data goes from the disk into the memory-subset up into the L1-cache and back-way down to write it to memory. That is not neccesary without a FW-RAID! Because without a FW-RAID the SATA-Controller can directly write data into the memory.

Gladly the CPU/Memory-Subsystem of modern CPU is pretty much sufficent (see your Aida64 CPU/Mem-Subsystem Benchmark) to be capable of even writing at many gigabyte per second. Still your Application/Game may require ALL of available the bandwith to operate satisfacting!

Lets assume you are right.... noone could sell a Hardware-Raid-Controller... these would be overexpensed crap... but they exists still and are pretty much expensive ... and professionals do buy them... why should they do that, when for the same price the could get a high-end Intel-Board... so what? ;)

See you next time when solving the miracle why you encounter micro-stutter without a SLI ... might be the raid0. :D

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