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Old 02-08-2019, 11:51 AM
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Default ATTN CORSAIR: To whom it may concern. Bring back the profiles.

Dear Corsair whomever (if anyone) it may (and probably should) concern:

I am a customer. Your company is essentially throwing a lot of great engineering in the bin. This Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard I bought is capable of doing some wonderful things. I like the capabilities so much that I bought one.

One of the main reasons is how great and flexible it is for remapping specific custom sets of colors and functions to keys to potentially greatly enhance my experience using a variety of different software applications. It's a awesome thing, but in the end, it is still just a human user input device that interfaces with software.

Though my father is a retired engineer, I am not an engineer. I don't care to be bothered with the overhead of engineering or the too-heavy burden and learning curve necessary of programming my keyboard for hours and days before I can finally use it to enough of its increased potential to make my computing enhanced enough to justify its additional price. Toward this end, I would like to lend my time to help your company prosper.

Where is your frustratingly missing matured quality interface between your great engineers/supply chain logistics and marketing people who have all succeeded at trading your potentially terrific and useful product with my hard earned money?

Why has your company not provided an equally well-socially-engineered easy button (like literally an actual key on the keyboard perhaps) pristinely organized sharable managed repository of user-configured keyboard profiles for every conceivable software title with which I can more quickly and easily reference, assimilate, tweak and better use your product?

Someone is responsible for that, and it appears as if your company management is yet to hire them to replace the failed half-hearted effort that was initially envisioned and implemented to complete your products. Following the failed initial efforts to provide this, it appears this important infrastructure has completely now been removed - all at least except the residue of the failed effort that has just been glossed over.

This is essential to the completion of your product, and obviously something that was originally intended to accompany the hardware.

It appears now as if your company has abandoned this most vital component in your product's potential usefulness and chosen instead to pass all responsibility for providing your customers with useful profiles we can integrate, customize, and use your product with our various titles to the myriad of software developers to create for you. This policy may appear more viable in the short-term, but it is hardly best serving your company's long-term interest in maximizing it's value and continuing promise to your customers'.

Realistically, it is only your company who can best provide your customers with a centralized source for helpful profiles usable with your products.

You're not marketing your product to these third-party software developers who produce the titles with which your customers are hoping to benefit from using your products with. You're also not marketing exclusively to your own hardware and software engineers who obviously deeply understand the potential utility they made inherent in their design. You're marketing to the yet-to-be-proficient end-user a potentially enhanced customizable personal interface between themselves and the various software we aspire to use it with. It's obvious that the original vision included an infrastructure for the sharing of accumulated examples of customer created profiles useable with the practically limitless possibility of games and other programs they believed your products give us some benefit.

While there are many exceptions, most of us don't have either the inclination or ability to invest the excessive necessary personal burden that accompanies the higher price of your product in order to fully enjoy its potential. If you would have invested equally in this as with product engineering, supply chain logistics, and marketing, your product marketability value, and your profits would now, as well as in the future be much higher. You didn't, and your product is not essentially complete.

With the withdrawal of managed universal access to user-created and shared profiles, it is an increased burden you've chosen to fully include in every package and pass on to each of your customers. Your company failed to invest sufficiently in this crucial part of your end-product, and it failed. Instead of fixing it, you seem to have simply tried to pass your burden to the software developers of the titles your users are purchasing your products to hope for a positively enhanced experience with.

Software titles aren't realistically going to do your job right. You need to. You don't need to pay programmers to create the profiles either. The flexibility is one of the features, but the full burden on the end-user to develop usable profiles is not so nearly as useful.

Give us the infrastructure (do it right this time) of a quality implemented, centralized, organized, and easily accessible source of end-user provided and reviewed profile sharing. This is the important missing link between your customers and your hardware. Ask your marketing geniuses if this is not self-evident. Moreover, this represents the clear character of your company - failing to deliver the full value of a product that was initially promised. This is as important as the engineering of the hardware.

Don't let electrical engineers interface with the customer. You need to provide us a heavier layer of interpretation and insulation. Translating quality engineering into usability is a complete and finished product that will better serve your own interests by delivering an overall better value. This is clear opportunity for improvement that will pay off in the end.
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