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Old 03-24-2013, 10:55 AM
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Default Corsair Link iRST Driver-Asus Maximus V Formula

My apologies, I wrote this in a dead thread, hope it make sense all of this!

I should have bought a different cpu cooler :(

Currently im using a h100i+commander-corsair cooling kit and a 860i

My current mobo it's an Asus Maximus v Formula, and as luck have it, im running a SSD raid 0 (2 samsungs 840 pro 256gb)

Im still bit confused about the iRST drivers, i dont see any of them on the asus Website

Can someone post the link for the iRST drivers that wont cause my w7 64 bits system to crash?

The current dirvers as per asus website is this:
Intel Chipset Driver V9.3.0.1021 for Windows XP 32bit & XP 64bit & Win7 32bit & Win7 64bit & Win8 32bit & Win8 64bit.(WHQL)

Is that the one i need to use or the one before?

I have not installed windows 7 yet, but i have founded some weird things atm

When i tried to use the h100i connected to the commander, the fans did spin, but the led from the commander did not turned on at all.

Atm im using the h100i connected to one of the 2 usb headers, the other one is in use for the commander, leaving me without any usb 2.0

Had the buy this usb 2.0 header from ebay+ a $45 postage (live overseas)
Hopefully it will work.

Regarding w7:

When i tried to installed, load w7 using my usb stick, which had worked before without any issues, in this case, the computer did hot respond at all when the "windows is loading files" after that you see the w7 logo, it would not take more than 15 seconds, but in my case i waited 5 minutes and the damn thing did not load.

The commander led turned on when using the usb for the h100i, when the corsair link is connected to the commander, coming from the h100i, there is no led, however in both case the fans do spin

So, i went back and connected the h100i to the usb instead of the commander, SAME BLODDY THING! w7 wont load.

I was about to called it off, when i tried again, but in this case, i used an orignal dvd from w7, in this case, some HDD activity and voila! it did worked! (using the h100i connected to the us header, not the commander)

I have no clue of what is going on!

I was having a brainstorm, and tried again, in this case, the usb stick+ the h100i connected to the commander (some led turned on btw) and IT DID WORKED! I was able to see all my drives, in particular the raid 0 ssd drives, showing as one(476 gb)

Also, i have disable the Intel smart response (dont use it) and the Intel smart technology (i dont know what it's for)

Finally, the 2 ssd's are connected to the z77 chipset.

I know there is bug when using the h100i to the commander, so i rather be in the safe side for the time being.

What do you guys reckon???

Thanks for any advise.
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Old 03-25-2013, 01:11 AM
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Anyone can help me out here?
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Old 03-27-2013, 06:27 AM
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You can find IRST drivers here
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Old 03-28-2013, 07:49 PM
RickDekkard RickDekkard is offline
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First of all, check this thread:

Then, you can conclude that you must use an older version of Intel Rapid drivers in order to get your system working.

Use the oldest you can for your motherboard/Operating System. Is possible that it can not be done with Windows 8, but surely you can do with Windows 7. I had the same issue with my Rampage IV Extreme (I have the same SSDs you got in RAID 0 also).

In my case the working drivers with corsair link was the RSTe 3.0.x, the newest 3.5.x and 3.6.x drives my system to BSODs as pointed out in the mentioned thread. In your case you can try Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V11.1.0.1006 or older if you can find it, this applies also to the issue you mentioned during the installation of windows 7 (the freeze you said), if you get that, try older drivers.

Hope this helps.

EDIT. I see you already visited that thread...

Last edited by RickDekkard; 03-28-2013 at 07:54 PM.
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860i, asus maximus v formula, corsair link cooling kit, h100i

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