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Old 05-24-2018, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Fynriel View Post
Sorry for digging this up. I'm in the same boat with a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 5.
I want to use the front SP RGB fans with the radiator and need to control their speed somehow. I need someone to walk me through how to achieve this.

I don't really understand the difference and function of all these different fan headers on the board.
1. What benefit would I get from plugging a case fan into CPU_FAN vs. a regular fan header?
2. And how would I set them up in the BIOS to control the fan speed?

1) Typically none for a case fan. Most motherboards have a completely different set of protocols for the CPU fan. Its behaviors are still targeted at your typical small air cooler (instant response, CPU temp only variable, etc). To that effect, you generally need something on CPU fan to boot. This is the BIOS' way of making sure you have some cooling method installed.

It is for that reason is makes a nice place to hook up the cooler's pump. All of the above are irrelevant and you set it to 100% and move on. This also solves the boot error dilemma and keeps the more functional chassis fan headers free.

2) Motherboard dependent, but typically you go into the BIOS and find the fan control section. This may be in more than one place. Usually there is some sort of user friendly picture BIOS layer and then you can also access for detailed command in other places. We need someone with GA board to be specific.

EDIT: I see you other post now. The only reason to do this would be you are running out of headers and need to use them. There might be an additional hang up. Some motherboard have PWM only CPU fan headers. That would not work well with the DC motor SP120 RGB.

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Old 05-25-2018, 01:33 PM
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As I understand my board's headers are all hybrid, so that shouldn't be a problem. But I still don't know where exactly I'm going to plug my stuff in now, what makes the most sense and why.

EDIT: I just looked through some older threads on this exact issues in which you also commented. It seems like this is entirely fixable. And I'm ok with a workaround using the BIOS. I just need someone to walk me through what exactly I need to do. 1. Which headers I use for what, and 2. how to configure the fans/curves to make sure my CPU is sufficiently cooled when under load.

In one thread you laid it out like this:
Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
If you decide to get a 240mm cooler, mount in on the top two-thirds of the front panel, leave the SP120 RGB on the front rail, using those fans and not the included radiator SP120L (grey). These fans are DC and will not run from the pump directly. Power and control them from your motherboard. You would then need fans for top and rear exhaust. Select something quiet and appropriate.
So I will need to get a second fan for the top exhaust. Right now I only added one AF120 Quiet at the rear so far.

Oh and, I'm guessing most people mount the radiator at the front in a 460X with the hoses at the top, right? Otherwise I fear it might interfere with the graphics card later. With that being the case, do people find it hard to get the corsair logo on the pump to be upright? Because I just tried it both ways and it takes considerably more force and twisting to get it to be upright. Upside down is a much more comfortable fit for the hoses.

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