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Old 12-17-2018, 04:33 AM
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Exclamation Dissapointed in Corsair accessories

With 15 years in IT, I have spent a lot of it looking at Corsair RAM and PSUs as amongst the highest quality. I have also heard great things about their mechanical keyboards. So when it came time to start building a new rig, I decided to go "all in" in the corsair ecosystem, looking forward to having just one piece of software providing information about my fans, lighting, keyboard, and even PSU and ram. As such over the last 6 months, I have bought the following:

- Corsair HX750i Power SUpply
- Corsair H150i AIO cooler
- Corsair Commander Pro fan/lighting controller
- 4x Corsair ML120 fans
- Corsair Link RGB lighting kit
- Corsair K95 RGB platinum keyboard
- Corsair MM1000 Qi charging mousepad
- Corsair Dark Core SE wireless Qi charging mouse
- Corsair ST100 headset stand
- Corsair HS70 headset

Having everything hooked up through iCue was a godsend, as you can imagine how many third party apps I eliminated!

Unfortunately, nearly half the products purchased above have had issues. Now I'm aware that even the best made products have the odd failure, but tell me that the following doesn't speak to an issue:

- The H150i had a non-functional pump out of the box. Shipped back to vendor for immediate replacement.
- The corsair Link RGB kit had an RGB strip stop working about 4 weeks in. first two lights would show up, and nothing after would function, including any further lights in the chain. Today, a second RGB strip has had the same failure, making only 2 of the 4 RGB strips function after 6 months.
- The Commander Pro occasionally decides that the attached lighting will not function. It will either seize in place Illuminati a static lighting of that "point in time" from the dynamic lighting sequence, or revert back to rainbow, or both. This issue is present on both lighting ports. Sometimes it persists through reboots, sometimes not.
- despite being billed as able to "command" all my lights and fans, the Commander has no onboard memory for light or fan settings, so everything's default until I log into windows?
- The MM1000 Qi charges at possibly the slowest standard possible. devices connected can take literally up to 24 hours to charge, when a $25 Qi charger i bought for my 3 year old phone will charge in less than 1/4 the time.
- The MM1000 also has flashing sequences that aren't even in the manual (like 4 rapid flashes then a break, then repeat)
- The Void Pro mouse has now decided not to ever fully align with the mouse Qi spot when off. Mousepad perpetually double-flashes when charging with mouse in "off" position. Charges fine when on. Connecting the Qi receiver to the device works just fine, even when off. it's just charging the mouse itself.
- When charging the mouse in the "on" position, you need to fully turn the mouse off and on again after taking off charge before it works. Sometimes even that fails, and you need to unplug and replug the receiver....
- standby on the mouse discharges it in 2 days. What was wrong with fully putting it to sleep and waking on click?
- If you leave the headset plugged in on charge via USB plug on the headset stand, it somehow DISCHARGES whilst the PC is off. Maybe it's partially powered when connected, and runs out of juice if connected but not charging or something?
- When iCue decides to crash, you can't mute the headset mic, because it's totally software dependent...

Oh, and the iCue software crashes. A lot. And wipes the settings from my iCue space alot also. And forgets what I labelled all the graphs.

Good news is, the PSU, keyboard, headset stand and ML fans are great.

Corsair, you need to lift your game if you're going to expand into all these peripheral markets. If people perceive your RAM and PSUs etc as top end, but then get this quality from the rest of the range, it affects people's perception of your brand as a whole. Then even the products you sell that are top shelf and bullet-proof get tarnished by association.

If you want to reach out or suggest a fix for me, great. If not, I just pray you hear this message!

***EDIT: Not sure why this got posted in the Keyboard and Mice forum after I tried to post it in the general thread. Feel free to move to where it should be (assuming it wasn't moved here during moderation in the first place for some reason)***

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Old 12-17-2018, 08:53 PM
davidbdeath davidbdeath is offline
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Wait until you try and use hardware profiles and things like remap keystroke act completely different when iCUE is not running.
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Old 12-18-2018, 06:38 PM
Happy Shrapnel Happy Shrapnel is offline
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I've cancelled all my Corsair RGB accessories, AIO Cooler, Fans and Lighting strips.

If Corsair cant be bothered, then I'll just pass.
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