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Old 01-19-2018, 10:38 PM
Valgrimur Valgrimur is offline
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Default CUE 2 multiple macro canceling each other out

Here is my issue:

I have the k-95 and I have programed the 6 key to continuously be press every 10.5 seconds. the key is also the toggle on and off. I also have mapped the side 5 of the g keys to other functions. Alone they work perfectly but if I have the macro for the 6 key running and then press one of the G keys that are mapped to other functions the repeat macro stops.

Oh the g keys are mapped CRTL+1 / CTRL+2 ect.

any ideas.

Things I have tried. Changing about every repeat setting. Moving the repeat function over to my mouse (Scimitar through same CUE 2 program) changing the repeat key to something else. Deleting the marco and starting over. mapping the toggle on and off to a different key.

Old 01-19-2018, 11:58 PM
hastegag hastegag is offline
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no dice afik there are many posts in this sub forum about how to achieve what you need, but you need to run it along side cue like AHK or something else. Sample code below, yours would or may be be a great deal more complex. That said, it is very doable i should think?

I do think it is a distant horizon feature for the devs, but personally, my first wish list item is still the ability to tell cue to switch to a specific profile programattically. It is the more blatant lacking feature in my opinion.

Below example is not even a good way to go about what you want...I bet you could pass the pressed hotkey using A_ThisHotkey in various scenarios to a function that sensibly looped what you were looking to do, but you may be better off if you only need one, just having one loop and have CUE handle the rest. Compile your AHK to exe and run through CUE or modify the register callback example in the latest SDK to output something AHK recognizes if you are targeting G or M keys.

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 1

SendMode Input
global aAct:=0
global sAct:=0

	While GetKeyState("a", "P") {
		Send Z
		Sleep 800
		if(sAct) {
			if GetKeyState("s", "P") {
				Send Y
				Sleep 800		

	While GetKeyState("s", "P") {
		Send Y
		Sleep 800
		if(sAct) {
			if GetKeyState("a", "P") {
				Send Z
				Sleep 800

Old 01-19-2019, 09:12 PM
bdm bdm is offline
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I have the SCIMTAR PRO RGB, and have the same problem as Valgrimur dose and I did not have it until the update now I hit 1 macro it cancels the other one out and does nothing.


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