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Hi MrSprint! I have confirmed that they do indeed work with LPX RAM. However, they were definitely created as a means to fill in gaps for those already running Vengeance RGB Pro RAM in their systems, so there could be some issues when running with other combinations, especially any RAM that also has LEDs.

I tested with the following:

Vengeance LPX -> System posted, and lighting effects were configurable for Lighting Enhancement Kit

Vengeance LED -> PC didn't post

Vengeance RGB -> System posted, but neither show up in iCUE

Originally Posted by MrSprint View Post
So I'm struggling to find clear confirmation of this, do these work with other Corsair ram, or JUST Vengeance RGB Pro?

I have a 32Gb Vengeance LPX Non RGB kit (2x16Gb sticks) (CMK32GX4M2F4000C19), leaving two dimms free. Can i still use these RGB Vengence Pro enhancement kits even though my other sticks are Vengeance LPX non RGB? (I might change to RGB Pro ram in the future to complete the look)

Thhhannks :)
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