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Default serious doubts

So I just bought this headset today at work... I actually convinced 4 of my co-workers to buy this. We took one out of the box.

- the weight in our hands, the finish of the product is excellent
- we tried it on, it seemed to be so comfortable
- we read the specs and were impressed
- the accessories were finally braided

it seemed like the perfect headset and I took it home

- installed it, wireless works, usb works, 3,5mm works, ok
- first some music, hmm I guess I need to Equalize, weird where is the bass?
what's that lowstreaming quality sound? (state of denial): oh wow is my music quality that bad? ah let's put on some FLAC, euhm ok, still weird sound. Ok ok
let's update icue, oh there is a firmware update, let's do that. Ok now it should be good. listening to some flac on stereo: ok still need eq, weird low bass, guess I just have to adjust from upgrading from the void pro. Let's switch back to the void for a minute, ok all perfect here, I do notice there is much less range on the void.
- let's try some dolby instead, euh i can't, void no problem, virtuoso nope.
- let's try a game, what's that low quality streaminglike sound? ok surround is broken, usb/wifi nope still broken. wth.. something wrong with this thing?
- switching back to stereo, equalizing the **** out of it, topend is great, lowend is mediocre, ok at best. starting to feel ripped off somehow.
-few hours passed, ah my ears hurt, damn these earcups are crushing my ears, ah my scalp feels sore, damnit there is hardly any cussion at the top, how did i not notice this in the store?
- putting the void on my head, aaah what a relieve. so comfy. damn i don't remember this sound being so bad... hours pass, can't get used to the sound i've been using for years.
-logging into my discord channel : anyone want to buy my void pro? and my virtuoso??
- ****ing hell this glaive rgb mouse is annoying the **** out of me, why does this thing keep doubleclicking everything I do?
- typing on my k95 accidently bringing up "inspector" mode three times while typing random stuff, why does this keyboard keep doing stuff i'm not typing?

- going on my discord channel, anyone want to buy ALL of my corsair ****?

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