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This is absolutely ridiculous. I am sick and tired of inconsistent companies. My first Corsair purchase is the k70 silver and it will be the last investment I ever make towards this company.

It is merely a month old and i cannot switch between full keyboard backlight and individual keys.

Caps lock, F5, numpad 9, and keys Z,V,T no longer light up. I thought this keyboard was designed with integrity in mind.

The backlights that don't work make the keyboard look cheap.

Incredibly dissapointed. I will be condemning this companies name to everyone i meet who is a fan of buying good products. I will be complaining on facebook, steam and will talk to retailers about this. I know my friend WHO OWNS Tribenedict will be very interested in hearing about another company with poor integrity.

Competely pathetic. And I expect for returns Corsair expects the customer (victim) to do all the heavy lifting to ensure they get the product they paid for.

Atleast to my satisfaction I will be making sure this company loses a few thousand thanks to my word being spread around.

I am one of those guys who are very loyal to a company I like and stay onboard for years. A big middle finger to Corsair.

And of course it's an American company. No integrity. And it's my fault for even buying American products.

I think Oakley is all that's left and their quality has plummeted since the founder retired. And their products are now inconsistent because they allow other industries to make their sunglasses parts...........

Do what the rest of the world is planning on doing and BOYCOTT America.