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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
You are cutting the voltage to cooler below the point where it can start the PWM fans and also putting a lot of electrical strain on the pump. Both fans and pump are meant to run at 12v. You need to put QFan control for header powering the unit back to “disabled” or “full speed”. Both lock the power supply at 12v. Then you can adjust the fans from within Link using the Configure tab. Click on the fans rpm reading.

However, if you connected the fans to motherboard then it is normal for the AIO fan controller to read 0 rpm and you need to sort things through the BIOS for the fan headers. The pump still needs its 12v and that header still needs to be at disabled/full speed.
Hey thanks for responding.

So the system was built by SCAN about 4 years ago maybe. I only really noticed the sound this year but havent had time to do anything about it.

If I do the above, as in my original post it just gives me no control and the speeds go max. full speed everything and no control at all! It does however begin to read the RPM of the cpu fan! so there is no issue with it being able to see the rpm.

Here are some photos I tried to get of the system. You'll see the h80iGT is only 3 pin? and sits in the CPU fan header. then they for whatever reason put a cable that says " to motherboard cpu fan" into the chasis fan slot which then goes round the back to this little bridge like board which i assume is for hooking up multiple fans? however it is only hooked up to the front chasis fan! nothing else... why?

So with this setup I assume its all plugged into the correct location? but with qfan control ON I have control over my water pump but nothing about cpu fan. with it disabled I have no control of anything but both RPMs read maximum output.

Just to note, the pump and fan are working... they arent idle. I just cant control anything about the cpu fan and it reads 0rpm.
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